Vice Chairperson's Message

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It's a privilege to welcome you to join us on this journey of reflection, discovery and advancement.

Your first step towards the horizon of success begins with us. KCC is a friendly, innovating and dynamic institution. We treat each of our students as an individual and take care to ensure that your time with us is successful and useful.


KCC brings together students and faculty with widely differing experiences and interests who share one goal: the pursuit of excellence. Our aim is to take you beyond technical proficiency to mastering the mental frameworks and analytical tools for lasting individual development and professional success. Our faculty pursues excellence in teaching, offering opportunities for learning and applying the acquired knowledge.

Perceiving you as a brilliant professional, we, at KCC offer a whole new outlook on our grooming methodologies in a highly proactive manner. Towards this we shall constantly strive to reorient our courses in addition to inculcating professional, social and moral values that are important to a successful professional.

I wish you the very best in life and brightest of future that awaits you once graduate out of KCC.


Poonam Gupta