B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

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B.Tech Mechanical Engineering_1

The traces of application of Mechanical Engineering can be found in all the fields. It involves the understanding and applicability of laws and principles of physics to analyze, design, manufacture and upkeep mechanical systems. You will learn how machines and other mechanical systems work and how they are designed. How do the gearbox, clutch and engine in a car operate? How were they designed? This mechanical engineering course covers a lot more than just engines!

The department focuses extensively on the practical sessions so as to give an in-depth understanding of Robot fundamentals, Simulation, Manipulation, Control and Programming.

The Mechanical department is enriched with following labs:

  • Engineering Mechanics Lab
  • Material Science and Testing Lab
  • Measurement and Metrology Lab
  • Automobile Engineering Lab
  • Applied Thermodynamics Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Lab
  • Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Lab
  • Manufacturing Science I and II Lab
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Lab

The department also houses the following workshops:

  • Machine Shop
  • Foundry Shop
  • Smithy Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Pattern Making Shop
  • Carpentry Shop

4 years (8 semesters)