Green KCC

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Caring Environment


KCC Group of Institutions has formulated a policy to work towards a sustainable environment. In doing KCC will aspire to awareness and understanding of local, national and global environmental issues and, through its own practices, strive to conserve, sustain and improve the environment.

KCC will achieve this by:

  • Setting targets for improvements in energy savings and classroom utilization to minimize its use of energy and scarce resources through good practice, prudent maintenance and use of energy efficient resources.
  • Removing material from the waste cycle, which can viably be recycled and then use that wherever it can be used.
  • Using materials and equipment which minimize harm to the environment, and avoiding use of non-renewable resources where feasible.
  • Continually improving and maintaining the environment both within the College and, where appropriate, externally.
  • Minimizing pollution by ensuring all College equipment which uses fossil fuel is regularly serviced and maintained and that their emissions are checked.
  • Reducing the use of paper by critically appraising the need for use and by double-sided copying and use of electronic mail and the intranet and other technology as far as practicable.
  • Segregating waste material on the basis of bio-degradable, non-bio-degradable & hazardous properties.
  • Including environmental and energy management issues in staff and student induction and development and ensuring that all are aware of the need to endeavor to apply in practice the aims of the environmental policy, particularly related to energy savings.
  • Encourage the users of the College to seek environmentally acceptable economies in use of transport, i.e. share of lifts, public transport.
  • KCC believes in “Every Tree Counts” i.e. it is planting more & more trees.