Holistic Development

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Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

Students at KCC Institute enjoy the facility to be guided by a expert yoga and meditation teacher as a part of holistic development. The regular practice of yoga and meditation helps students infuse some discipline in their lives and ensure good health.



The students are trained for self defense by being coached by a very experienced taekwondo coach. Self defense coaching instills a new confidence in the young girls and boys. This activity also polishes goal setting and achieving skills, self control and concentrating abilities.

Team Tasks


These sessions are conducted wherein students are grouped and assigned tasks. This exposes the students to the challenges involved in group dynamism. Through these activities, the students learn team spirit, group dynamism, organizing skills and leadership skills which they grossly require when they step in the corporate world.

Art of Living
Frequent lectures on Art of Living by renowned personalities from different walks of life are organized. The aim is to introduce a student to the finer aspects of human sensitivity in him.

Theater Club
The theater club tries to encourage the young artists to stretch their creativity to a newer level. To this effect, it organizes drama competitions, workshops, plays, singing competitions etc. The theatre club plays a very important role during any event in the college.