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The International Conference on "Emerging Market Dynamics and Global Trade: Unlocking Opportunities in a Changing World" is a prestigious and forward-looking event designed to facilitate a profound exploration of the evolving landscape of international trade in the context of emerging market dynamics.

The conference theme refers to the complex interactions and developments within emerging markets and their impact on the worldwide trade landscape. Emerging markets are economies that are in the process of rapid industrialization, experiencing significant growth, and transitioning from low-income to middle-income status. These markets often have attractive investment opportunities due to their growth potential, increasing consumer demand, and expanding infrastructure. Dynamics in this context refer to the constantly changing and evolving nature of these emerging markets. This includes economic, political, social, and technological changes that influence how these markets operate and interact with the rest of the world. Global trade involves the exchange of goods and services between countries and regions. It encompasses imports and exports and plays a vital role in the economic development of nations.


Global trade involves a range of activities, including the movement of goods, international agreements and policies, and the role of various factors such as governments, businesses, and consumers. So, when we talk about "Emerging Market Dynamics and Global Trade," we are discussing how the economic growth, policy changes, technological advancements, and other factors in emerging markets are affecting their participation in international trade. It also examines how these markets influence global trade patterns, the challenges they face, and the opportunities they present for businesses, governments, and the global economy as a whole. This topic is of great interest to economists, policymakers, business leaders, and researchers seeking to understand and navigate the complexities of the global economy.

The themes & sub-themes will provide a comprehensive framework for exploring the multifaceted aspects of emerging market dynamics and their impact on global trade. They will offer opportunities for in-depth discussions, research presentations, and knowledge sharing among conference participants.

This conference will serve as a unique platform for thought leaders, academics, industry experts, policymakers, and practitioners to converge and exchange insights, strategies, and experiences related to the intricate interplay between emerging markets and the global trade arena.

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  • Knowledge Exchange:
    Foster an environment of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and cross-disciplinary discussions among attendees with diverse expertise and backgrounds.
  • Innovative Insights:
    Offer fresh perspectives and innovative ideas about how emerging markets are shaping the future of global trade.
  • Opportunity Exploration:
    Facilitate discussions on identifying and capitalizing on the vast opportunities presented by the integration of emerging economies into the global trade landscape.
  • Challenges and Solutions:
    Delve into the challenges faced by emerging markets and explore strategies and solutions for sustainable trade growth.
  • Networking:
    Provide a networking platform for participants to connect, collaborate, and establish lasting relationships with fellow professionals, scholars, and practitioners.


  • Engaging Keynote Addresses by Renowned Experts
  • In-depth Panel Discussions with Thought Leaders
  • Networking Opportunities for Academics and Industry Professionals
  • Publication Opportunities
  • Best Paper Award


  • Online and offline as per participants convenience


  • Abstract Submission Deadline October 25, 2023
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance October 30, 2023
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline November 25, 2023
  • Conference Dates 1st & 2nd December, 2023

Conference Committee

Padma Shri Prof. (Dr) Mahesh Verma
Vice Chancellor
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasthsa University
Ms. Sunita Shiva
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Prof. D.S. Sengar
IIM Noida
Prof Asim Kumar Mishra
IIM Lucknow
Dr. Harold D'Costa
President - Cyber Security Corporation,
Advisor - Law Enforcement Agencies,
Sr. Trainer (Judges & Public Prosecutors)
CA Pawan Rastogi
Director, KPMC Consultancy Pvt Ltd.
Mr. Vivek Narayan Sharma
Advocate & Ex- Joint Secretary, Supreme Court of India
Prof. (Dr.) Bhavna Agarwal
Director, KCCILHE

Conference Organising Committee

Conference Convener Conference Team
Dr. Nitu Maurya Dr. Sunita Singhal
Mr. Faz Mohammad
Ms. Srishti Chandola
Ms. Nishtha Batheja
Mr. Vishesh Bhardwaj