Can I Do B.Tech without IIT Exam?

Can I Do B.Tech without IIT Exam?

Can I Do B.Tech without IIT Exam?

First of all, Indian Institute of Technology does not administer its own entrance exam for B. Tech admission. IITs provide admission in engineering on the basis of JEE Mains scores, one of the most prestigious National-level entrance exams in India conducted by National Testing Agency. Others are either State or University level exams like MHT CET, and IPU CET, except CUET. JEE Mains is not particularly designed for admission in IITs only. Apart from IITs, Top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR like DTU, and NITs also accept JEE Mains results to admit students in B. Tech programs.

State University Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical University AKTU in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh has too preciously replaced the UPCET exam with JEE Mains for the 2021-22 session or now with CUET 2023 exams to determine admission in 1.40 Lakh seats in 750 colleges across the state. However, many private B.Tech colleges in Greater Noida affiliated with AKTU provide direct admission to B. Tech programs as well without any need for entrance exams including KCC Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida.     

Getting admission in engineering colleges in Delhi does not always require you to take JEE Mains or any State/college level entrance exam at all. There are plenty of private B.Tech colleges in Greater Noida and NCR who either offer direct B.Tech admissions under management quota without JEE Mains or have their own entrance exams to assess the merit of candidates for B. Tech admissions. College-level entrance exams are generally easy to crack compared to JEE Mains like BIT SAT. The basic eligibility criteria for admission without JEE Mains is the same for all top B.Tech colleges in UP and Delhi NCR, which requires candidates to clear 12th grade with at least 45% marks from the science stream from a recognized board. They might have to attend counseling and interview sessions as well to qualify for admission.

Why Choose B.Tech without JEE Mains?

Every year, tens of thousands of applicants submit their JEE MAINS forms with the goal of enrolling in an IIT's bachelor of technology program. However, there are currently just 23 IITs in the country, each with a limited number of seats. As a result, due to the continued high JEE cut-offs, not every student has the opportunity to attend IIT.

Does this imply that you cannot pursue an engineering degree without succeeding in the JEE?

That is untrue, you can still enroll in top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR and pursue your preferred course of study without succeeding in the JEE.

Without taking the JEE, you can pursue a bachelor of technology degree in both public and private institutions.   

Can I Pursue A Bachelor of Technology Degree without Passing the JEE?

Every student is aware of their potential, and understanding that you may or may not pass the JEE Mains does not cause hurt or embarrassment. So congratulations if you think you have what it takes to succeed in the JEE. Take the exam and use it to gain admission in top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR.

However, people who are unprepared or lack the confidence to pass the test are no longer faced with the challenge of how to enroll in a bachelor of technology program without JEE, thanks to private B.Tech colleges in Greater Noida.

Get Admission in Public B.Tech Colleges without Cracking JEE

You can enroll in private engineering colleges in Delhi as well as government engineering colleges, and you can do both without taking the JEE. To gain admission to the top B. Tech colleges in UP or any other State like West Bengal (WB JEE), you must submit an application for the state JEE entrance exams. Also, there are many Central/National level Universities that hold their entry-level tests to select candidates for B. Tech CSE admission like JMI, AMU, and many others that accept entry without a JEE score.

Get Admission in Private B.Tech Colleges without Cracking JEE

Numerous private B. Tech colleges in Greater Noida accept applicants without JEE scores. You must find out about them and how they proceed with admittance in B. Tech programs. Some of these top B. Tech colleges in UP base their admission decisions on PCM scores from 10+2. While some have their own entrance exams that judge your ability for the relevant PCM subjects on a more fundamental level.

Make a list of B. Tech colleges. You need to search everything about your preferred colleges to know which the right one is. Look for information such as the college's bachelor of technology course offerings, its location, its admission requirements, its counseling schedule, its registration costs, its course costs, its placement statistics, and how to apply. You can apply for admission to any of the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR based on your list if you have all the necessary information and are happy with the results. Be sure to investigate the different bachelor of technology specializations available and select the one that best suits your interests.

How Should I Proceed If I Don’t Meet Cut-Off Marks For IIT?

The majority of JEE aspirants even after years of revision, practice, and coaching classes fail the JEE Mains or could not score enough to meet the cut-off required for IIT admissions. They succumb to the steep competition surrounding the exam. The competition for JEE Mains is nothing less than walking through hell. So if you fail, it’s not much of a surprise. But the question is what happens next if you fail?

Don't panic; you can still enroll in one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR. So, if you want to pass the exam with flying colors, show up for it and give it your all. However, if you don't, there shouldn't be any issues. Engineering is not just about IITs. An engineering student regardless of what B. Tech college he or she chooses, can do wonders if they put their 100% for the next four years.  You must look up the engineering colleges in Delhi that accept applications for bachelor of technology programs based on the criteria that they must attend JEE Mains.

If you are hell bend on engineering, then it doesn’t really matters which college you attend to learn it. However, if you have attended JEE Mains regardless of how much you scored, you will be given priority in admission at non-IITs. Therefore, you can still be admitted to these engineering colleges in Delhi even if you don't get the required cut-off in the JEE. Additionally, you will be able to apply for the scholarship or choose your preferred specialization for the engineering program if your marks are near the cutoff.

Can I Enroll In Engineering Without Taking the JEE Advanced?

You certainly may; JEE Advanced is essentially necessary to be admitted to an IIT. Not everyone who takes the JEE Advanced exam, though, is admitted to the IITs. However, despite the fact that everyone aspires to attend IIT, very few manage to do so. What makes IIT so well-liked among engineering students, then?

Giving JEE Advanced indicates that you did well in the JEE Mains, which might be quite helpful for you as you look for admission. For admission to state engineering colleges, many states hold their own version of the JEE. The JEE mains scores of applicants from other states are used to fill any remaining seats in the state-funded B.Tech computer science colleges, though, if there are any.

So, if you took the JEE but were unable to take the advance, you need not worry. Instead, learn which state government institutions and colleges admit students depending on their JEE mains scores if they pass the mains cutoff. By passing state entrance exams, you can enroll in state government engineering colleges without taking the JEE Mains.


Your objective after finishing senior secondary school, or 10+2, should be to get admitted to the program of your choosing. Instead of the B.Tech colleges, you should take precautions when selecting the appropriate bachelor of technology stream. This is what matters the most in the end.

Today's top engineers are there not because they attended IIT, but rather because they pursued their interests in the classroom. Therefore, if you want to succeed in your job, enroll in the engineering program of your choosing at any respectable engineering college in Delhi NCR close to where you live.

FAQs about B.Tech without IIT Exam?



It’s because KCC ITM is one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR spread across 40 acres, and approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD Government of India for offering B. Tech programs with an average placement record of above 90%. The college is ranked 2nd in the north region for faculty and 7th best engineering college in India.


Yes! You are not required to take the JEE-Mains to study B. Tech. In India, a number of colleges have their own entrance examinations for engineering programs.


IIT JEE Main - JEE Advanced Exam 2024


The annual salary package for students at the Govt. engineering colleges in Delhi NCR often runs from INR 20 to 30 lakh, whereas it is between INR 10 and 20 lakhs at private colleges.


All candidates must clear 10+2 from the science stream from a recognized board.

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