Academic Block


Libraries are rightly called the store house of valuable knowledge. The institute's library spread over 6000 sq. ft. provides access to the best available resources to the students. The library has a separate reading section, reference section and stacking section.

The unmatched quality and quantity of material available is also supplemented by courteous and competent staff for facilitating students. The institute has constituted a separate library committee that selects and ensures the regular availability of latest books and reading material in the library. The provision of open access e-resource through internet no longer confines a student to the library only.

The library at KCC is well equipped and has an immense collection of resources in form of CD-ROM, online database, books, audio/video CDs, reference books, national and international periodicals, magazines, journals and pool of research work of eminent scholars.


The auditorium is one of the best in NCR region. It's a well furnished fully air conditioned auditorium having a seating capacity of more than 400 equipped with perfect acoustics, line array based speakers systems, finest projection systems, and Green Rooms. The auditorium is used for conducting various cultural, academic and social events.

Lecture Halls & Tutorial Rooms

At the KCC Institutes, every effort has been made to ensure the perfect ambience to facilitate smooth and uninterrupted instruction delivery. Our first rate infrastructure for our management and engineering students features well lit spacious lecture halls and tutorial rooms built recently to facilitate lecture delivery and practical training. The user friendly classroom environment makes it possible for our students to concentrate entirely on class proceedings in an environment that is both interactive and un-intimidating.

In the Management Block, Wi-Fi Internet access is provided so that students may access resource materials, e-learning video and other educational aids instantly in real time while the lecture is in progress. Classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with white boards, PA systems and overhead projectors. 24X7 power backup is also provided to further enhance the comfort zone of our students.

Conference Rooms

AS an adjunct to the learning infrastructure at the KCC Institutes, several air conditioned conference rooms located on different floors and blocks at the Institute provide a venue for small groups of students to interact with each other, prepare for mock interviews and group discussions (GDs) organized by the KCC Placement Cell, and attend presentations made by guest speakers from industry and business. Our air conditioned conference rooms are fully equipped with the latest audio video technologies which can connect to the Internet on demand. Conference rooms are also used to conduct seminars as well as to screen learning videos under faculty supervision.

Communication Lab

communication lab kcc

In today’s competitive age, it becomes almost mandatory for all students to be perfect at communication. English was and is the most accepted language worldwide and to harness the communication skills, students must be comfortable with the language. The prime objective of the lab is to facilitate teacher-student interaction for focused and productive language learning sessions. The lab is equipped with the desired hardware and software so that the four basic aspects of communication i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing of students could be improved upon. The students have an access to the study material provided by Oxford and Cambridge publications.

IT Infrastructure

Well equipped and state-of-the-art labs provide the backbone for all the practical training and research initiatives at an institute of higher education. At the KCC Institutes, every engineering department has multiple labs designed to address the specific needs of the department’s students and faculty.

At the Computer Science and Engineering Department, for instance, work stations are available at the Wi-Max equipped Computer Lab for students to use. Moreover, KCC has entered into an educational campus agreement with Microsoft for software licensing thus providing unlimited access to the latest versions of Microsoft applications required as a part of the CSE curriculum.

Moot Courtroom

Moot courtrooms are rare in many private colleges despite their rising demand to facilitate practical learning for students pursuing law programs. Keeping that in mind, KCC ILHE has incorporated an air-conditioned, state-of-the-art spacious moot courtroom with a seating capacity of 200, at par with global standards. The interior of the moot courtroom replicates the precise look and feel of actual court in every aspect to create a perfect ambiance for a range of moot courts.

Equipped with fully-furnished furniture comprising all the elements of a real courtroom: Attorney table, Bailiff’s station, clerk’s station, judge’s bench, jury box, Spectator seating, Witness box, judge table, witness stand, and more. From mics with speakers to a centralized audio-video control system for recording purposes, we have integrated cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the learning process.


Seminar Rooms

seminar rooms

Each department is equipped with an air conditioned seminar room having a seating capacity of 200 and loaded with finest of projector and sound system. The seminar room is used for various conferences, seminars, and has played a host to various guest from the industry who have shared their valuable industry insights with the students.