Industry Visits

During the course students get the advantage of visiting various corporate and industrial houses and get a feel of working environment prevailing there.

The visits are aimed at making the students able to correlate academics with the practical world.

Practical and hands-on exposure to business and industry are inherent components of the KCC student mandate. Both the undergraduate and postgraduate students at the KCC Institute of Technology and Management routinely participate in industry visits throughout the academic term. These destinations, which are usually located suitably for day trips, are carefully chosen by department heads to add relevance and constructive meaning to the effort.

While engineering students visit manufacturing and research facilities, management students visit leading multinational corporates to receive nuts-and-bolts exposure to the functioning of big business. Industry visits pave the way for student internships and possible employment once students graduate and are ready to join the rank and file of their respective professions.

industrial visit barclay


industrial visit Bayer Electronics

Bayer Electronics

industrial visit bsnl


industrial visit Panasonic


industrial visit National Stock Exchange of India

National Stock Exchange of India

industrial visit NSIC


industrial visit National Satallite Meteorlogical Centre

National Satallite Meteorlogical Centre

industrial visit Neocraft


industrial visit New Holland

New Holland

industrial visit Panasonic


industrial visit Yakult Danone India

Yakult Danone India