Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

This statement by Benjamin Franklin explains the idea of taking up internships, while pursuing the course. Internships have become an integral part of all courses, be it engineering or management. Each student has to undergo mandatory internship during his 3rd year of engineering which is often facilitated by the placement cell of the institute. Internships help students to explore their own capacities, their strengths and weaknesses.

Following explanation establishes the importance of taking up internship

An Internship Provides Real Life Experience and Exposure An internship enables the student gain first-hand exposure of working in the real world. It also allows students to harness the skill, knowledge, and theoretical practice they learnt in colleges.

The Opportunity To Learn More About oneself As an engineering student, one may still not have made up the mind about what job would best suit him. There cannot be a better way to get to know the nature of the work than to enter the industry though the internship opportunities offered by most companies.

Provides  a platform to do net working   An intern gets many opportunities to build connections with company professionals that can be very beneficial for students future career.

Building a CV that lands you an Interview call Having an impressive CV  always helps. Internships are the perfect way to enhance your resume through relevant experiences. The more experience one acquires, the better position one will be in   landing a job. “If you  make a good impression, a recommendation can go a long way to landing yourself a job.

Transition from being an intern to full time employee The internship helps the students gain practical experience and also explore the opportunity of getting absorbed by the company as an full time employee.