Activity Clubs


Film and Photography Society

Life's all about capturing moments, hence those with great photographic abilities must be brought forward to showcase their talent. Whether it’s a highly talented photographers or students passionate about film-making and photography, this society is a best place to come, share, critique, learn and refine one another’s work, and expand your perspective and open your mind to new forms of expression. As part of our regular activities, we organize photo walks and also conduct regular workshops.

Theatre and Dramatics society

Theatre is a mirror, a sharp reflection of the society. Through this society we provide an opportunity to the students to indulge into theatrical activities through street play and stage play. The society is for anyone with an interest in performing arts on a common platform, be that acting, directing, writing, set building, stage managing or just watching. The society organizes various workshops, plays and competitions throughout the year.

Quiz and Debate Society

This society aims to encourage students become orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence. Witty, quick, quintessentially smart and quirky these people can easily claim to be some of the best debaters, quizzers, and literary enthusiasts we have seen in a long time. The society also focuses on developing the speaking skills of the students and train them in critical and analytical skills required for debating in various competitions.

Fashion Society

Fashion Society is about the interest and knowledge of fashion. Being part of the society is a great way for all the students to meet other students who share the same interest for fashion and provides them with a wide range of opinions but also boost their style sense. This society trains its members in having nuanced understanding qualities such as poise, panache and vivacity.

Sports Society

Sports is a vital part of student life in the college. With such a wide range of sports available we encourage all the young sportsmen to acquire new skills and learn to be disciplined in life. If there is enough interest in a sport, whether it’s a competing team or just for some fun and exercise we will provide equipment and training facilities to ensure students get the most of it.

Music Society

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart. Through this society we encourage the expression of lyrical art, we encourage students to participate in workshops to increase their musical knowledge and expand as a musician. The participants of this society are actively involved in the cultural events of the college.

Fine Art Society

The Fine art society is to pull of something unique, creative and out of the box each time. This Society is to support various forms of art work like Painting, Sketching, Calligraphy, Graffiti and Clay modeling etc. The Society participates in each and every event organized by the college and contributes in the form of decoration of the venue which includes setting up the venue with rangoli-making and stage decoration.

Dance Society

If dancing is your passion and strength then you are an apt prospective member of this society. The society encompasses all forms of dance and strives to attain excellence in all performances delivered in and outside the college. It makes your college life more fun and gives you memories to cherish forever.

Technical Society

The technical society helps students to gain the practical as well as theoretical technical knowledge. This society gives the platform to implement the classroom education into reality with new innovations and developments. The society organizes a various events in the form of workshops and competitions.