Sports Complex

Billiards and Snooker

Focus and concentration are mandatory traits to succeed in today’s corporate world. Nothing hones it better than a game of snooker or billiards. At KCC you can have go at both of these important sports and learn the skills these games teach. We have provided the campus with more than 4 exquisite Billiards/Snooker tables so that you don’t have to wait too long for your chance to demonstrate your skills.

billiards and snooker

Table Tennis

This is a game that increase your concentration and challenges your reflexes. We recommend a game of table tennis to all the students at least once in a day to improve their concentration and reflexes.


It is the mission of the KCC Institutes to promote, support and enhance the all round development of our students. To achieve this objective, KCC provides several organized sports and recreational activities to our students. All the major sports are represented in our teams. Our facilities include football ground, cricket ground, volleyball court, tennis court and a basketball court.

Sports facilities are professionally maintained by maintenance crews and students are encouraged to both participate in and attend sporting events at KCC. WE also encourage students to play indoor sports such as table tennis, carom and other sports.

fitness center gym

Fitness Center

Well loaded gym offers every opportunity to combine education with a healthy lifestyle, featuring a range of cardiovascular, resistance, core stability and free weights equipment, our fitness suite caters for everyone.

Practice Pitch

We, at KCC believe that outdoor sports are very important for the overall development of a human personality. Cricket being the most popular of the outdoor sports in India, we have provided the campus with a 4 lavish cemented practice pitches with nets that is perfect for net practice session. We invite you to discover the sportsman within you!

sports complex cricket
lawn tennis

Lawn Tennis

Nothing soothes the eye more than a lawn tennis court waiting for a match to begin! As the popularity of this sport is gaining new peaks in our country, we have ensured that you get your piece of the game. KCC campus is equipped with 2 world class 7 layered synthetic courts made on international specifications. The courts come to life at night with the flood lights dawning upon it. An ideal setting to start a match. Singles or doubles. Love all.

Cricket Pitch

Cricket being the unofficial sport of the country, we at KCC have ensured that you get to play your favorite sport at the sprawling cricket ground located in the campus. The ground has witnessed many a titanic matches during inter hostel cricket tournaments.



Stamina, determination, strategy and execution comes to forte when you are in the badminton court. At KCC, we have badminton courts that match world standards so that you can have a great experience playing it.


Stamina, endurance and team work are best displayed in this wonderful game. Our synthetic basketball court would be an ideal setting for you to learn these skills and also improve on your reflexes. We have taken special care to ensure that the court meets the international standards and is equipped with floodlight so that you can have a go at it post study timings too.



Physical strength and agility is tested in the game of volleyball where you are also required to play as a team and always be on alert. All these qualities would be extremely helpful in your long corporate career. The beautiful outdoor and sand filled volleyball court would definitely entice you to learn this sport and be good at it. A great venue to make new bonds.


The football ground is as much a part of the match as the players themselves. At KCC Hostel, the high quality and huge football ground is such a sight to behold. This safe, all-whether ground can be used by the students throughout the year. Time for you to make that pass and score that goal!