Research & Development

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development

research and development

The cell encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their business plans. The participants are taught how to conceive bankable projects and bring them to life. The center also undertakes active research work on entrepreneurship trends worldwide and shares the findings with the students. It acts as a common platform where scholars, faculty, industry and policy makers exchange knowledge, learn and innovate. The center organizes events wherein eminent speakers are invited to share their views and experiences and also help the budding entrepreneurs to give shape to their ideas.

Centre for Corporate Governance

centre for entrepreneurship development

The Centre undertakes the study of trends and developments in institutional, legal and regulatory framework for corporate governance in India.

The understanding of corporate governance has a very wide scope for research. The Centre participates and holds national and international meets to discuss various issues on corporate governance. The chief focus remains on devising ways to enhance the manner of functioning of corporates and improve the credibility of corporates.