Full-Time, Part-Time, and Online MBA Programs: Understand the Differences

Full-Time, Part-Time, and Online MBA Programs: Understand the Differences

Difference between Full-Time, Part-Time, and Online MBA Programs

At its core, the MBA is a graduate program in business administration for individuals looking to grow in their careers and do so by getting into MBA colleges in Delhi to get an education, skills, a certificate, and/or a network. Many people naturally associate the term "MBA" with a two-year, full-time MBA program, but in recent years, several variations of the program have proliferated in response to the shifting and diverse demands and interests of both students and companies.

There is an MBA program out there that fits your preferences and aspirations, whether you're at the beginning of your career and want to soar to new heights or a high-ranking executive trying to climb its way up to the C-level.

There are many different MBA programs available, from full-time MBA colleges in Delhi to online MBA degrees you may do at home and part-time MBA which allows you to pursue the program without skipping crucial office hours. Which MBA program should you choose if you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of business administration depends on you.

You can explore a wide range of employment opportunities once you complete the program from top MBA colleges because there is still a high demand for graduates in a variety of industries all across Delhi NCR. You could, for instance, specialize in marketing, finance, operations management, or health care, increasing your knowledge in that field and sharpening your analytical, leadership, and critical thinking abilities.

This article will go over how many types of MBA programs are available and which one is best for you, the differences between each type, and the typical specializations available in MBA colleges in Delhi.

Difference between types of MBA programs


Earning an MBA degree could be a beneficial decision if you already possess several years of professional experience and are interested in expanding your knowledge of business, management, and leadership. An MBA is typically the most prevalent (and popular) graduate business degree, despite the fact that there are other types of graduate business degrees available, such as the Master of Science in Management.

There are plenty of good MBA colleges in Delhi but choosing the right one that offers the type of MBA program you wish to pursue is of paramount importance if you want to succeed. It won’t make any difference which type of MBA program you choose as long as the quality of education you receive is not at par with top MBA colleges in Delhi.

Most MBA programs are meant to improve your ability to work in a cutthroat atmosphere by providing you with in-depth knowledge of management and skill development. Your career objectives, the quantity of experience you've gained, and the length of time you have to devote to your degree will all influence the type of MBA program you choose to enroll in. Whether it’s an online MBA, Part-time MBA, or Full-time MBA, the basic subjects and topics are the same, except the mode of delivering education and time spent on each topic. Let's go over the differences.

2 Year Full-Time MBA Program

One of the most popular types of MBA programs is a two-year full-time MBA program because this is simply the most accepted way to ensure maximum exposure to management studies. Numerous MBA colleges around the world provide full-time MBA, especially top-ranked business schools in Greater Noida like KCC Institute of Management which is affiliated to AKTU and approved by AICTE.

A two-year full-time MBA program gives you the opportunity to hone your essential business skills while digging deep into specialized subjects. Core topics like strategy, communication, finance, and marketing will be covered in your first year. During elective courses and specialization periods in the final year, you'll also have the opportunity to hone your skills in a particular area of interest.

The 2-year regular classes in top MBA colleges has many advantages, including numerous opportunities to get real-world experience through consulting assignments and business simulations. Between years one and two, you'll have the opportunity to participate in a summer internship that frequently results in a full-time job offer after graduation.

Two-year full-time MBA colleges also provide you with more time to learn and more time to form close relations with peers.

The value of a Full-time MBA program is what mostly determines the reputation of MBA colleges in Delhi. The majority of the college’s budget is spent on these full-time programs, which contributes largely in bringing money for the institution. More than 90% of all scholarships and internships awarded by MBA colleges go to full-time MBA students.

Who Chooses Full-Time MBA Program?

Full-time MBA is ideal for career changers between the ages of 25 and 30 who can afford the cost of quitting their jobs in order to focus entirely on their education and experience. Finding a new job after earning an MBA is frequently a student's top priority, and enrolling in a full-time MBA program has many advantages in terms of recruiting by top companies.


  • A Strong network and long-term interaction with other full-time MBA students makes it easy to change career, get a suitable job, an opportunity for an internship, strong recruiting, company presentations, fellowships, and scholarships.
  • Full-time MBA feels like a college student again thanks to clubs and activities.



  • Costs a lot compared to online or Part-time MBA programs and time spent away from sectors that are changing quickly.
  • Families frequently suffer the most; however, there are usually tools available to support students' spouses and significant others.
  • Don’t have time to spend time with families and friends or attend a family gathering.  


One-Year MBA Program

The curriculum for full-time MBA programs that last one year is largely the same. While two-year MBA programs are common in all across India, many top MBA colleges in Delhi also offer one-year MBA programs to allow students get an MBA degree without much struggle and uplift their career to new heights.

Even though there may be less time devoted to electives and specializations, you will still focus on the same core business fundamentals during a one-year MBA and frequently still have the opportunity to specialize.

One-year degrees are therefore better suited to students who aren't aiming to make a significant professional move.

Which One is Better – 2 Year Full Time MBA or One Year MBA?

The learning activities in a one-year MBA program last between 10 and 12 months, making it a rigorous experience in boosting your career options. In contrast, a two-year MBA program enables students to participate in on-campus events and internships to learn more about their potential career options.


  • Quick to get an MBA degree
  • Time and cost spent is significantly low
  • Maximum exposure to core subjects
  • Increase your chance to get the promotion
  • Opens new job opportunities
  • Perfect for working professionals



  • Not good enough to give a thorough understanding of the MBA program
  • Specializations and electives are not included
  • Not equivalent to a regular 2 year full-time MBA


Part-Time MBA Program

A part-time MBA can be your best option if you want to study for an MBA but don't want to interrupt your employment. Such programs are designed for people who have full-time jobs, keeping in mind that students' current jobs may influence lectures and projects in the classroom. Compared to full-time MBA students, part-time MBA students are often a little older.

While traditionally catering to local students, these programs are increasingly offering unique structures and online components to draw in distance learners. Recruiters typically do not have as much access to them. Admittance in Part-time MBA is frequently less competitive than for the full-time MBA program at the same institution.

These courses are the bread and butter of MBA programs and are overshadowed by their smaller full-time equivalents. They use incredibly little funding, but frequently use the same faculty as the full-time MBA program. Because MBA colleges typically receive fewer applications and are restricted to their immediate region and the industries that dominate that region, the part-time applicant pool is typically less competitive or diverse. Furthermore, compared to their full-time counterparts, part-time MBA programs can accommodate at least as many students, if not more.

With Part-time MBA, you have the freedom to customize your course of study to fit your schedule. Students frequently take two to five years or even more to finish their degrees, depending on the program.

With a part-time MBA, you can study at your own pace and attend classes whenever it's convenient for you. As an alternative, you can enroll in a program that offers lessons once a week that is delivered in the evenings or on weekends, enabling you to finish the program alongside the regular MBA students, which makes the larger part of MBA graduates.

Although most MBA colleges claim the quality of Part-time students compared to full-time students are the same, the quality truly depends on the location and recognition of the college.


  • Allows students to work/earn while pursuing MBA in Real-time and gives access to top tiers
  • Companies often recruit and sponsor part-time students, lessening their financial burden
  • Low-cost and equal representation



  • Part-time students don’t get scholarships or internships
  • It takes a longer time to get an MBA degree
  • No recruiting from campus


Online MBA Program

Students can get degrees from the convenience of their own homes, anywhere in the world, with the help of online MBA programs.

The same faculty staff of MBA colleges in Delhi NCR often instructs online MBA programs, and they cover the same material as traditional full-time MBA programs. However, they also gain from a flexible learning environment. Similar to a part-time MBA, you can study for a long time and finish lessons at your convenience.

Classes may be offered synchronously or asynchronously, depending on the online MBA program you select. Even though many programs are entirely online, some offer optional residential periods that let you interact with other MBA students in person and enrich your learning.

You can finish the courses on your computer, so moving is not necessary. These two elements frequently imply that you can keep working while earning your degree.

A further benefit of an online MBA is that interaction need not be sacrificed. Numerous programs are designed to promote peer-to-peer engagement, virtual networking, and other activities. Additionally, online MBAs may be less expensive than traditional full-time MBA.

Flexible MBA Program

A hybrid program called a flexible MBA gives you the flexibility to choose the programs that best meet your needs. There are online, in-person, weekend, and evening classes available.  Not all MBA colleges in Delhi offer flexible MBA programs, but for students who must work while pursuing their degree and who desire the advantages of an on-campus education with the flexibility of online learning, these programs can be a great alternative.

The majority of the best MBA colleges in Delhi offer flexible programs in management that have the same career value as regular MBA programs. These programs include a wide range of benefits including industry visits, guest lectures, home assignments, and more. After completing the MBA program, graduates can easily find a high-paying job or they can apply for promotion in their current employment. If that’s not enough, they can even join PhD level courses.

Executive MBA Program

Executive MBA programs are part-time MBA degrees aimed at experienced managers and business owners, often in their mid-30s to late-40s who are about to or have already reached top management.

The executive MBA programs are for those who don’t want to quit their jobs. They are worth pursuing in conditions where they can allow you to add value to your career or switch to a new career. Best management colleges in Delhi offering executive MBA program gives mid-career professionals a chance to climb to the level of C-suite through a strong network of experienced and highly motivated peers who can help them reach their career goals.

The desired/required length of experience varies for this group. The curriculum is devised and presented from a higher-level perspective, even though it covers the same topics as conventional MBA programs. The opportunity to network and establish contacts with peers from various industries and jobs at a career stage is very high with an executive MBA program when a new viewpoint is required but occasionally difficult to obtain. Even though the majority of Executive MBA programs don't have formal recruiting, career changers are increasingly using and participating in these programs.

MBA Specializations

A full-time MBA program can help you strengthen your abilities and gain a broad knowledge foundation. However, you might want to think about specializing in a particular area of education if you have specific career goals. Typical specializations consist of:

Top MBA colleges in Delhi offer a wide range of specializations that fits well with a student’s academic profile and career goals. Knowing about what MBA specialization is best for them is the first step into a successful career.

  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources
  • Business Intelligence
  • Health Administration


What is the MBA Salary Range?

View the highest-paying MBA profiles and their salaries.

Job profile

Minimum Salary per Annum

Average Salary per Annum

Regional Sales Manager

Rs 5.50 lakh

Rs 11.80 lakh

Financial Analyst

Rs 4.23 lakh

Rs 6.30 lakh

Account Manager

Rs 4.30 lakh

Rs 7.00 lakh

Finance Manager

Rs 5.20 lakh

Rs 11.40 lakh


Why Consider MBA from KCC Institute of Management?

First of all, KCC Institute of Management offers full-time MBA programs in a wide range of specializations with electives but takes no part in part-time/online MBA programs. The institute is ranked among the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR for its quality education and superior infrastructure. Spreads across 40 acres with PG accommodation facilities and sports complex, KCC Institutes can give students a home like experience to study and live.

The institute is affiliated with AKTU and approved by AICTE, which includes a curriculum globally accepted by various companies and organizations. Our MBA graduates were hired in top companies through campus interviews with salaries ranging from 10 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs.

Another major achievement is that KCC Institutes is ranked 2nd best private college in terms of faculty in North India from India Today.

The cost of education and living in KCC Institutes for the entire course period is just a fraction of what larger Universities and PGs would charge for a year.

We offer clubs and activities of several types to encourage students to explore their hidden potential and take advantage from them in their career goals.


MBA programs are indeed available in different ways. Whether you are a full-time employee, own a business, or just want to add another feather to your academic feats, anyone can pursue an MBA especially if you are a resident of Delhi NCR. However, not all top MBA colleges in Delhi offer part-time or online MBA courses simply because it takes more time to complete an online/part-time MBA and also isn’t viewed as career-oriented as a full-time MBA. In some cases, it might take 3-5 years to complete an MBA. By that time, the professional world would have shifted to a new dimension making it hard for old school education to keep pace with new changes in the industry. Keeping that in mind, all the best management colleges in Delhi refrain from offering MBA programs in any other way except as full-time programs. Taking admission in online courses or a part-time MBA would greatly decrease your chances of securing a good job on campus after post-graduation.

If you have a mind of pursuing a full-time MBA program, then KCC Institute of Technology and Management is your best choice. Affiliated with AKTU and approved by AICTE, we are the bestMBA College in Delhi.  Compared to online MBA programs, our full-time MBA program comes with a basket full of exciting benefits starting from internships to placements. KCC ITM offers an MBA Plus program which includes short-term certifications and skills development programs to boost your employability.

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FAQs for Full-Time, Part-Time, and Online MBA Programs


Yes, one-year MBA program is a reality. This small-time course has been developed by numerous universities and institutions and is available to qualified individuals.


Most online MBA degrees are good to land a job but not good enough to give you a competitive edge over a regular MBA student. Also, online MBA students do not get internships, scholarships, fellowships, and campus recruitment services.


That depends on your schedule. You can attend classes on weekends or holidays but it will extend your time period. A normal MBA takes 2 years but a part-time MBA can take up to 5 years.


Obviously, a full-time MBA in top MBA colleges in Delhi is more costly because it includes many advantages from in-person classes, campus recruitments, skill clubs, and networking, etc.


The top five MBA positions in terms of pay are.

  • Financial Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Information Technology (IT) Director
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Investment Bank Manager



Where a candidate is pursuing their MBA will determine this. If an applicant wants to pursue an MBA at KCC IM, the tuition fee is low compared to IIM, however, there are B-schools that offer MBAs at expensive prices.


Compared to masters, the MBA offers greater career flexibility, business ownership, managerial roles, and practical and theoretical understanding. 


Candidates can study in a variety of specializations in MBA.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Marketing



Yes, the CAT scorecard is only good for a year.

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