Things to Keep in Mind Before Admission in B.Tech

Things to Keep in Mind Before Admission in B.Tech

Most aspiring engineers are at a crossroads after 12th when it comes to selecting the colleges in Delhi NCR for B. Tech program that will best serve their needs, support their continued professional development, and refine them into more capable engineers after the results of high school, or 12th grade, and numerous entrance exams are announced. Due to a lack of knowledge and awareness regarding the variables that are crucial to take into account when choosing the best B. Tech colleges in Delhi NCR for admission, many students frequently find themselves in this scenario and are unable to make a clear decision.

Why Join Best colleges for B. Tech in Greater Noida after 12th?

If engineering intrigues you and you possess vigor and curiosity in your analytical skills, B. Tech is the only degree you need. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students in India want to enroll in this course because of the advantages and rewards it provides. But despite countless colleges in Delhi NCR for B.Tech, students frequently enroll in private B. Tech CSE colleges in Greater Noida to pursue this four-year undergraduate degree program because they produce higher-quality outcomes.

Graduates from the best colleges for B. Tech in Greater Noida are the most sought-after professionals among top recruiters because the faculty at a private institution includes eminent worldwide industry leaders. Additionally, the top colleges in Delhi NCR for B. Tech offer lucrative jobs in prestigious international companies.

Here are some recommendations that you can use to swiftly move the admission process of the best college for B. Tech in Greater Noida like a knife slices through butter.

Select the Engineering Stream.

Pick an engineering field that interests you and gives you a sense of security. You don't want to be held back in the best B.Tech colleges in Delhi NCR due to stream that bores you and obstructs your advancement. Make thorough inquiries about the engineering program at the college you are considering, and then choose it.

Think About and Classify Colleges

Make a list of the colleges where the stream is offered after choosing it. Check the admission process that they used to let you in as well. Some elite universities, like KCC Institute of Technology and Management, admit applicants based on their performance in the JEE Mains exam or their grades from their 12th grade year or even offer direct admission through management quota.

But it's important to consider more than one option. There is a lot of competition and not enough seats are available. If you don't get a place in the college or stream of your choice, prepare a list of three fallback options. Finally, while applying for engineering admissions in 2023, you should compile a list of the average to best B. Tech colleges in Delhi NCR are always on your radar.

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Select a Parameter using Criteria

Make a list of everyday factors that might influence your decision to accept or reject a certain college. Take a look at the criteria necessary to keep in mind:

  • A degree of your choice
  • Location of college
  • Distance from your home
  • A government body, trust supported or private college
  • Fee structure (tuition fee, hostel and more)
  • Scholarships and financial aid for projects
  • Infrastructure and campus resources
  • Placements and Internships
  • Accreditation and Recognition
  • Quality/reputation/classes
  • Student body (gender, diversity, community)
  • Social life (dance/music/sports clubs, college spirit, organizations)
  • Qualification of faculty and past performance of the department


Your ultimate decision should be influenced by the list's order. The course or stream should be the top item on your list; all other considerations should come after that. Pay the extra money if you have to for a faculty that is better qualified. Travel a little if necessary to attend a college with higher prestige. Our recommendation is to choose the appropriate college for B. Tech in Delhi NCR with decent experience rather than more lavish one. Considering that we are discussing your FUTURE!

Arrange Your Selections

Research and rank them in accordance with the list of criteria provided above once your parameter is determined and you have identified the best colleges for B.Tech in Greater Noida that are best for you. Assign them points based on each need, then contrast the outcome. You'll benefit much from this during your B. Tech. The main choice of your academic career must be made in counseling. Before engaging in the B. Tech 2023 admissions process, you should assess and rule out all options.

Verify Your Eligibility for Grants and Scholarships.

Do not instantly dismiss a college because of its high fees. For qualified applicants, several institutions offer scholarships that might enable them to attend the school of their choice without having to worry about paying for it. Consider every option before making a decision.

Get a Glimpse of College Life

Try to visit the college you are considering before making a choice. Discuss the specializations and long-term goals of the college with the students and instructors. Consider where you will fit in the system once you are there.

It's a good sign if you can easily picture yourself studying in this big institution. Always look around for the extracurricular activities taking place nearby. College is not just about studies. Make sure they truly happen with the necessary infrastructure and mentors, rather than merely being a part of the infrastructure.

Don't Limit Your Choices to Big Names.

Do not believe reviews on Google or star ratings. Even though a college may have a stellar reputation, do all of its branches live up to the hype? You must learn this information before participating in the admissions process. Your future depends on the college you choose, so you must be very certain.

Accreditations and Affiliations

Before enrolling in an engineering institution, one must thoroughly investigate its affiliations and accreditation. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which accredits courses that the institution can provide, is the primary accreditation body in India for engineering and technical institutions. KCC Institute of Technology and Management located in Greater Noida is both AICTE approved and affiliated with AKTU, Lucknow.

Similar to that, the University Grant Commission is responsible for providing accreditation at the university level (UGC). On the official websites of AICTE & UGC, you can check out the approved colleges and their degree offerings. It is also necessary to check an institute's course connections. Every college or institute has a relationship with a certain university, and the degrees they award are from that university.


One of the most crucial things to look into before applying for admission is the Institute's placements following degree completion. Any institute's official website, social networking sites, and websites for media outlets and news channels all have information about placement. It depends on a number of variables, including the faculty, college ranking, resources offered to students, the prior success of the students in the company where they were put, and many more.


Infrastructure is another element that identifies the extra, crucial services the college offers its students in addition to academics and job placements. It includes amenities like labs, libraries, transportation options, a location, and classrooms, among others. A better learning environment and experience are made possible by better infrastructure.

KCC ITM is ranked first among the best colleges for B.Tech in Greater Noida.


The curriculum describes the variety of specialties that are offered for a certain course at the institute. Students have more options to choose from thanks to the abundance of courses and branches, and more specialties create doors to deeper knowledge.

Extracurricular Activities

It is a crucial element that is necessary for the pupils' full, overall growth. It boosts kids' self-confidence since they have a platform to showcase their extracurricular skills, which also helps them develop soft skills like teamwork, leadership, and communication.


Here are several things to consider before applying to the best colleges for B.Tech in Greater Noida and achieving your professional aspirations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions you may have about engineering admittance to your teachers and friends about your future studies. This might help you to make the most out of their experience. Always make thorough research before making a final decision and stick to the plans you have for your future goals. Best of luck.

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