Best B.Tech Colleges in North India

Best B.Tech Colleges in North India

Best B.Tech Colleges in North India - 2023 Updated

This title begs a question. Why do we need to look particularly at North India? Because B.Tech colleges in North India are close to the majority of students studying in Delhi NCR. Apart from this, the northern states of India like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi has some of the most prestigious engineering colleges in both Govt. and private sector.  In addition, pursuing B.Tech in Greater Noida has its own perks and rewards for students coming from other parts of the country.

Some of the most famous institutions and universities in India are found in the north. Several privately managed universities and top B.Tech colleges in Delhi NCR get a lot of noise during engineering admissions each year, in addition to the well-known government colleges.

India produces most engineers worldwide, according to recent surveys commissioned by the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. These figures outperform both wealthy countries like the US and the UK and developing countries like China and Brazil. While many people wonder why becoming an engineer has become such an obsession in India, one thing is gradually becoming obvious: the desire to produce a high-caliber engineer is waning in comparison to the obsession with becoming an engineer. As a result, the best colleges for B. Tech in UP have stepped up to meet the rising demands of fresh engineering grads in and outside India.

How to Identify Top BTech Colleges in North India?

Analysis of the top engineering colleges must take into account a wide range of variables. Although the majority of people believe that placements are the sole real indicator of an institution's value, however, in reality, it is really just the result of a variety of other factors. These include the faculty, the student-to-faculty ratio, the intake, the infrastructure, the integration of business, and alumni networks. All of these elements work together to significantly influence placements.

It is advisable to exclude the IITs, NITs, and other government colleges from discussions about the Best B.Tech colleges in North India. These colleges already enjoy widespread acclaim and popularity. Students hardly ever need to be reminded of these engineering universities' superiority. So, in order to focus our search, we will only consider the top B. Tech colleges in Delhi NCR owned by private entities.

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Which Northern States have the Best B.Tech Colleges?

The region of North India is made up of numerous states. The boundaries about which states should be included in the rankings might occasionally become hazy due to India's size. The list of states taken into consideration for the best B.Tech Colleges in North India are provided below for clarity.

  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Punjab
  • Uttarakhand
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Haryana
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Rajasthan


The Factors of Comparison

Comparing colleges or any two or more entities without taking into account any measurable variables is nothing more than expressing prejudiced opinions. Establishing distinct criteria for comparing the Best Colleges for BTech in UP produces results that are logical, and it enables students to examine each criteria independently.

We selected four elements among the numerous scales that engineering colleges might be evaluated using that are most significant to students. For each factor, we have tried our best to give a proper explanation on what parameters you should consider while selecting B.Tech colleges in North India. Engineering colleges are ranked keeping in mind all the below parameters.

The factors we choose are:


Although it might seem like we have succumbed to petty populism, placements are a key indicator of a college's quality. As previously stated, placements are the result of numerous factors. As a result, a school's placement rate provides a succinct indication of where it stands in relation to the other best colleges for B.Tech in UP.

Understanding an engineering college's reliance on IT corporations for placements is essential to evaluating the true picture of its placement performance. In India's schools and universities, IT businesses have served as mass recruiters during campus placements for the past 15 years.

The full impact of the slow downfall in placements of students in the IT sector will be realized across numerous university placements in the coming years. Analysis of these institutions' reliance on the IT industry is thus important.

best btech colleges in north india

What Industries and Education Circle think about College?

With regards to India, perception is of paramount importance. One may contend that perception is a component that affects all facets of life. Humans act and make judgments based on what we believe the general public would think.

The same holds true while selecting B. Tech colleges in North India. For instance, the concept of the IITs fascinates the majority of people in India. How many of them are aware of the academic offerings at IIT? Quite a few people from the general population. However, depending on how people see them, the majority of them have an optimistic assumption about them.

Top B.Tech colleges in Delhi NCR or any other part of India, must uphold a great reputation among students, faculty, and the industry at large in order to attract the best potential talent for technical education in the country.


Students frequently mistakenly think that infrastructure only refers to buildings and structures. Infrastructure when referring to a college means a comprehensive perspective of the institution, taking into consideration elements like the campus setting, extracurricular amenities, labs, libraries, modern teaching tools, hostel accommodations, sports clubs, natural surroundings, etc.

The infrastructure a college has contributes to its initial image. Additionally, Indian engineering colleges must provide a specific standard of infrastructure amenities to support technical education.

Quality of Education

The academic standing of the B.Tech colleges in North India is a significant factor that many applicants take into account before applying. In North India, private engineering colleges frequently exhibit a lax attitude toward curriculum updates and industrial integration. While there is no surefire way to judge the caliber of a teacher, we can gauge the level of a faculty member by looking at how many of them have PhDs.

Prior to selecting a college, it should be beneficial for students to compare colleges in terms of how many engineer graduate every year and carefully read the testimonials of students to get a clear picture of the college’s teaching methodology. 

How KCC ITM Fare on the Above Parameters?

As per the above parameters, KCC Institute of Technology and Management is one of the best private B.Tech colleges in Delhi NCR. They are now ranked 2nd in innovative teaching techniques in North India. The college offered B.Tech in Greater Noida in a range of branches and specializations.

The college is certified by the All India Council of Technical Education AICTE and affiliated with Dr. APJ Adbul Kalam Technical University. Seven engineering departments, including information technology, computer science and engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, electronics and communication engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering, are available at KCC Institute of Technology and Management.

They have a strong track record of placement thanks to partnerships with companies like Amazon, Cognizant, Money Well, IGate, IBM, Google, and many others.

College curricula instill integrity and social sensitivity in addition to academic brilliance and technical proficiency to shape graduates who may be best fitted to serve the country and the rest of the world.


It's important for students to keep in mind that being accepted into the best B. Tech colleges in North India may not be simple.

Students may need to pass challenging entrance exams in order to be admitted to these prestigious B. Tech colleges in Delhi NCR.

Students must remember that getting a seat in top engineering colleges through entrance exam may not be simple but there are plenty of private colleges in Greater Noida who offer direct admissions in B. Tech programs.

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