List of Courses to Choose from after 12th Science with Mathematics

List of Courses to Choose from after 12th Science with Mathematics

After completing 12th from science stream with mathematics either as a core or compensating subject, students can choose to steer their career advancements in whatever direction or destination they have in mind.

It opens up almost every door and window to quality education in top B. Tech colleges in Delhi NCR and lay the foundation for a promising career in engineering, agriculture, applied science, business studies, management, finance, media, arts and craft, to name a few.

There is no shortage of career paths leading to high-paying job positions in top-ranking industries for science students with mathematics after 12. For students shifting from science to commerce, mathematics would be the cherry on the cake. A student who is studying math and science in their senior year has a wide range of job alternatives.   

Selection process of B.Tech colleges in Delhi NCR put maximum emphasis on best performing PCM students for admissions to engineering programs. Of course, a science student is most likely to choose a career in the same sphere after 12th but students interested in shifting to commerce from science can choose to do so if they have Mathematics in 12th. For arts aspirants, they can choose to pursue whatever profession they have in mind.     

The majority of these students choose engineering as their area of interest, which offers a wide range of job choices. However, after completing their 12th grade, PCM students have a wide range of options besides engineering.

You may discover information on every job and career opportunity that a PCM student has after the 12th grade in this blog.

How can I select the best course after PCM 12th grade?

  • Consider your interests and look at possible job paths in that direction.
  • Determine whether a professional path gives a wonderful package and position by doing research on numerous courses that interest you after completing your 12th PCM.
  • Focus on the leading colleges and discover the range of programs they provide, together with the costs and their standing on a national or international scale.
  • Examine the course's complete curriculum to determine whether anything there applies to you.
  • Do thorough research on the course's potential future application and the possible compensation you might receive if you enroll in it.


Opportunities for Employment for PCM 12th Graduates

We have gathered all the alternatives available to math students in this blog to make it easier for you to compare and evaluate them so you can choose the option that will work best for your future.


The most favorable job option among PCM students is engineering. A student has to obtain a B. Tech/B.E. degree in order to become an engineer. A B. Tech degree is offered by several both private and public Engineering colleges in Greater Noida. KCC Institute is one of the most popular institutions that is most well-known and well-liked by students pursuing engineering programs.

You must pass entrance examinations like the BITSAT, IIT JEE Mains & Advanced, and others in order to qualify for admission in top ranking B. Tech colleges in Greater Noida.

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The second most frequent job option for math majors is architecture. B. Tech Arch degree is the minimum qualification needed to become an architect. This degree is offered by numerous B.Tech colleges in Greater Noida, including KCC ITM. You can choose to work in the fields of industrial design, landscape architecture, urban design, and interior design.

Admissions to top B. Tech Arch colleges are based on entrance exams like NATA, AAT, and others.


Aviation is the best choice if you want to become a commercial pilot. When you get into aviation, other options like Aircraft Maintenance Engineer becomes available to you. In India, there are several aviation institutes that provide education & training in the field.

Commercial Navy

The merchant navy is ideal for you if you are interested in international trade and cargo. One of the most fascinating careers for science and math graduates is this one. You can work in a commercial ship's deck, architecture, engine, catering, and other departments.

AIMNET entrance exam is mandatory for admission at these colleges.

science side courses after 12th

Defense Industry

You can choose this option if you desire to join the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, or Indian Army. The National Defense Academy offers entrance to a full-time residential undergraduate programs, where cadets receive a bachelor's degree in a variety of areas, through the NDA exam.

Ethical Hacking

Nowadays, students are becoming more and more interested in ethical hacking. The job of ethical hackers is to test the computer system's security and uncover vulnerabilities in the defense systems. They are in charge of protecting a company's or an institution's network from cyberattacks.

There are many professional paths you can choose, including that of a penetration tester, network administrator, network security engineer, and security consultant.

You can choose this as a specialized degree program through your B. Tech Computer Science College or pursue short-term certification courses in ethical hacking as a side course. The scope of ethical hacking is not limited to only private jobs but public sectors including defense industry are releasing thousands of job vacancies in this profile.

Forensic Science

Do you enjoy doing research? Then you should consider a career in this emerging field of forensic science. It is an applied field that necessitates familiarity with several science-related fields. You can train to be a crime scene investigator, forensic scientist, forensic ballistics expert, digital forensics expert, etc.

A degree in forensic science is offered by numerous B. Tech colleges in Greater Noida at PG level.

Computer Applications & IT

Students who are interested in computers can choose from a variety of career options in this sector. Options for careers include database administrator, web designer, app developer, network administrator, and system analyst. B. Tech in Greater Noida with specialization in Computer Application & Information Technology is the best to ensure a prosperous career in this field.

These courses are offered by numerous engineering colleges in Greater Noida, and admission is by an entrance exam.

Physical Sciences

In the fields of astronomy, disaster management, cartography, meteorology, etc., this topic deals with the study of inorganic materials such as the atmosphere, space, earth, etc.

PCM Students can choose from a range of courses and programs in these subjects from B. Tech colleges in Delhi NCR.

Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary

Although not exclusive to them, commerce students typically choose this professional path. Even a student of physics or mathematics can become a CA/CS. Since commerce is a crucial subject for this, students will need to be familiar with it in order to pursue a career in it.

To take the CA/CS entrance exam, candidates must hold a B. Com degree.

Govt. Jobs for Science Students with Mathematics

For Indian families, gov't jobs have always been the best alternative. The following list should help you find out which government agencies and institutions hire PCM students:

  • Indian Armed Forces
  • Mini Ratnas and Nav Ratnas like BHEL, GAIL, BCCL, IOCL
  • PSUs
  • Banking and Finance Sectors
  • DRDO
  • ISRO
  • National Aeronautical Limited (NAL)
  • Indian Railways and Metros
  • Meteorologists
  • Income Tax Department
  • Govt. Institutes & Universities


Private Sector Jobs for Science students with Mathematics

Compared to Govt. jobs, Private sector offers 10 times more jobs for students with mathematics in 12th. Here are some of the notable mentions:

Private Banks and Insurance Companies

  • Cost Evaluator
  • Market Researcher
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Mass Communication & Journalism
  • Designing
  • Fashion
  • Private Institutes & Universities


These job profiles are some of the most sought-after career options in today’s era. You can choose any of these after 12th with mathematics.

In the end

Hope you found everything you needed to know about career opportunities after 12th PCM in this guide. Do your thorough research before choosing any of the above mentioned career paths and B. Tech colleges in Delhi NCR offering them. Please feel free to forward this information to other students if you found it to be beneficial.

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