Top MBA Colleges in Greater Noida with Low Fees Structure

Top MBA Colleges in Greater Noida with Low Fees Structure

Colleges for MBA in Greater Noida Delhi NCR with Low Fee Structure

Want to enroll in one of the best MBA Colleges in Greater Noida with low fee and consider earning an MBA? If the answer is yes, the best course of action is to choose the top MBA colleges Noida and continue your education to ensure that your degree has worth and that you are hired by one of the best businesses.

Top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR with Fee Structure that is affordable to all not only helps to shape your career but also has a tendency to teach managerial skills and leadership qualities.

In this post, you will get to know what to expect from best MBA colleges in Greater Noida with low fees and how to get ready to occupy a key managerial position in business after completing an MBA or PGDM program successfully. The average cost of MBA colleges Noida can be anywhere between 1 lakh per year to 3 Lakh per year.

Compared to MBA colleges in Delhi region, Greater Noida offers a more economically suitable destination for business studies and one can also get a scholarship on the basis of merit or other categories. One such college that offers all sorts of financial support as well as scholarships and placement opportunities to all MBA students and affiliated with AKTU is KCC Institute of Management, Greater Noida. Even the cost of MBA at KCC IM is cheaper compared to its neighbor institutions which is 75000 per semester.

Domains & Specializations of Choice

You must realize that the MBA course is not as uniform as it might appear, and that there are typically many specializations from which one can select. After successfully completing the curriculum, you must hunt for the most recent in-demand courses or specialized alternatives that can help you land your ideal job.

The following are some of the most popular areas of specialization offered by MBA colleges in Greater Noida with low fees:

MBA & PGDM Programs in Business Analytics, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, and Project Management

Deep Learning to Develop Subject Knowledge

At KCC IM, our top priority is to make sure that students have the best learning experience possible as they deepen their subject knowledge and enhance their leadership skills. As a result, our MBA program has the greatest curriculum that is in line with the most recent industry standards.

Our program provides you with in-depth practical training in the area of your choice, allowing you to gain competence in the field that you can be proud of and that is essential to the topic.

Exposure to the Industry and Corporate Executives

KCC IM is the best MBA college in Greater Noida with low fees, and has designed its curriculum in such a way that it enables students to interact with business executives and obtain knowledge of current events in the corporate sector.

With a variety of business events, live projects, industry visits, dual internships, and corporate training sessions, KCC exposes students to the corporate world and helps them comprehend real-world problems and acquire the skills they need to solve them. Also, students are taught how to use the greatest management techniques to produce the best results.

Gain Advanced Management Abilities

KCC IM’s one-of-a-kind MBA program focuses on assisting students in developing advanced management abilities so they can successfully manage real-world circumstances at the corporate level. We think that the practical side of management is more significant than just the theory.

By examining each student's aptitude, focus, and life purpose, we help them develop their key abilities. We assist each student in acquiring these skills, from the development of hard skills like research, analytical approach, organizational delegating, and commercial awareness to soft skills like interpersonal skills, effective communication, and crisis management.

Practical and Hands on Learning Approach

As the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR with fee structure affordable to all, KCC IM meets all standards for practical and hands-on learning. Our students have landed the best corporate jobs across a range of business sectors because to our practical and hands-on learning style.

In order for our students to succeed in their employment, we provide them with all the necessary skills, including topic knowledge, practical comprehension, and practical experience managing real-time circumstances.

And we accomplish that with the aid of our knowledgeable faculty, who have extensive corporate backgrounds and expertise. Our faculty's professional knowledge enables them to assist each student in comprehending the actual events taking place in the corporate world and coming up with clever answers. They assist our students in adequately preparing themselves so that they can face the world with assurance and succeed in their pursuits.

Powerful Alumni Network

More than 1000 KCC IM graduates today hold prominent positions in the sector, making up a sizable alumni base. The alumni association and its members serve as an excellent source of inspiration by serving as the industry's leading examples of how to establish a solid foundation.

This extensive alumni network can be helpful to our current students. In the present and in the future, they can connect with them, learn about the industry, exchange ideas, get along well, and accomplish much more in their corporate adventure.

Placement Support

You must naturally be concerned about receiving placement aid prior to enrolling in one of the top MBA colleges in Greater Noida with low fee. With the present employment market in mind, KCC IM makes sure that the gap between employers and job searchers is closed so that the best candidates can be hired by the top businesses.

Our placement cell was created with the authority to provide students with excellent employment prospects. We strive to connect you with the most logical career prospects and secure a position with the greatest pay possible because we are one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR with fee structure affordable to all and have a partnership with 650+ top recruiters.

High Salary Packages:

Without a question, earning an MBA from top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR with fee structure leads to greater salaries. To put it bluntly, an MBA at least triples the salary of a straightforward graduate in any field.

Even during economic downturns, prominent business schools have continued their tradition of providing competitive compensation packages to their students over the years.

Why Choose KCC Institute of Management?

One of the top MBA colleges in Greater Noida with low fee is KCC Institute of Management. We are listed as one of the top MBA colleges Noida for business studies. Students in our MBA program learn how to face challenges, influence change, and seize opportunities in the corporate world. Candidates will have a basic understanding of statistics, operations research, and simulation concepts, and they will practice using these concepts by applying them to a variety of situations using real-world data and modern analysis tools. This will enable them to solve issues that arise in the business environment.

The All India Council for Technical Education has authorized the two-year full-time MBA program at KCC Institute of Management and we are affiliated with AKTU.

Due to its academic rigor, balanced learn-life balance on campus, campus atmosphere, and return on investment for students, it is recognized as one of the best MBA colleges in Greater Noida with low fee.

The Master of Business Administration degree and program are designed to produce professionals who can anticipate, analyze, and prepare proactively for a situation in order to optimize economic contribution and realize one's potential.

This is important! One of top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR with fee structure affordable to all, KCC IM is dedicated to educate brilliant young minds in a comprehensive management education with a focus on the application of concepts in the real world.

This is possible because to our method of instruction and learning. Just outside the doors, there are management concept awareness-raising classes and a professional development area.

Case studies, frequent industry visits, national immersion programs, role-plays, simulations, summer internships and live projects, workshops, and guest lecturers are all used to practice management lessons.

MBA Specializations Offered by KCC IM

  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Operations Management
  • MBA in Information Technology


MBA Eligibility Criteria at KCC IM

Keep the following in mind to be qualified for MBA admission at the best MBA colleges in Greater Noida with low fee.

  • Graduate students may apply for admission to the MBA program at KCC IM with a minimum GPA of 50% (or 45% for SC/ST).
  • Students who are graduating in their final year may also be admitted provisionally as long as they complete the requirements and get their final diplomas.
  • They are required to hold a graduate degree from a UGC-accredited institution.


KCC IM – Best MBA College in Delhi NCR with Fee Structure

Two significant benefits of attending KCC IM are affordability and convenience. The cost of the MBA program is moderate and is within the range of a middle-class family's typical financial resources. KCC IM is considered one of the finest MBA colleges in Greater Noida with low fees for this reason alone.

The KCC College of Management's MBA program has a total cost of INR 300800, which is payable in 4 equal semester-long installments of INR 750000 each. This sum, which must be paid before the beginning of the semester or the start of the academic year, includes the tuition cost, books, professional development, etc.

The semester-specific fee may be paid by bank draught, credit/debit card, online or mobile banking, or through any online payment application. Students who want to get a PG room at KCC Hostel must make separate hotel reservations.

To begin the admissions process, students must pay a registration fee of INR 800 at the time their applications are submitted.

In addition to assisting them in applying for scholarship programs financed by the Central and State Governments in a variety of categories, we, as the leading MBA college in Greater Noida with low fees, give scholarships and price waivers to recognize deserving students.

We also assist families who require education loans from nationalized banks to pay for the costs of an MBA program.

Career Options and Salary Packages

Here, take a look in what sectors KCC students in the past have secured jobs along with lucrative salary packages at top MNCs and corporate sector.  


Average MBA Salary


INR 5-12 Lakhs

Finance n

INR 7-12 Lakhs


INR 5-10 Lakhs

Operations and Project Management

INR 9-14 Lakhs

IT Management

INR 10-16 Lakhs


INR 6-9 Lakhs

International Business

INR 7-9 Lakhs

Real Estate

INR 5-8 Lakhs


INR 8-12 Lakhs

Sales and Marketing

INR 8-16 Lakhs



Change is inevitable given the situation of the world today, and management students are expected to finish their projects on time, with due consideration for the future, and graciously.

Although it may sound idealistic, this is actually more pragmatic, and management professionals must improve their knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and methods in order to embrace change.

An institution that specializes in providing the best assistance for the development of management and leadership skills, KCC IM has been rewarded by many organizations. So, no other institute will be as good as KCC IM if you want to establish a name for yourself in the industry and guarantee that you are given the most spectacular possibilities, whether it is for resources or for a career. Trust our core strengths to prepare you to become a future leader, apply for a seat, and the effort you put into earning your MBA will be repaid in spades.

FAQ for Low Fees Structure MBA Colleges in Greater Noida


KCC Institute of Management is the most economical MBA program in Greater Noida. The MBA fee is 3 Lakh in total which is much less than most public and private colleges in the Delhi NCR.


Students with financial issues can pay their MBA fee via Education loans from Indian Banks or Scholarship programs offered by colleges and State/Central Government.


The average fee for MBA program may range from 50000 to 5 Lakh and above depending on the college you choose. Hostel fee and other expenses are excluded.

  • IIT Delhi Department of Management – 9,60,000
  • BITS Pilani – 9,49,000
  • KCC Institute of Management – 300,000
  • IIT Bombay – 10,08,000
  • MIT Pune – 3,50,000
  • IBMR – 4,80,000


  • Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi - INR 65,100
  • University of Delhi, Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi - INR 96,000
  • Institute of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - INR 1,20,767
  • Department of Management Studies, Anna University, Chennai - INR 20,500
  • Pondicherry University, Pondicherry - INR 74,718
  • University of Jammu, Jammu - INR 78,071



CMAT is the most popular exam for MBA aspirants. Others include XAT, MAT, CAT, NMAT by GMAC, etc.


MBA graduates can expect starting salary of 7 LPA to 12 LPA from campus placements depending on their job roles and expertise. The Highest salary package from KCC Institute of Management is 25 LPA. 

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