BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida

BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida: Over the years, there has been a growing demand for qualified lawyers and attorneys. And the need for highly qualified legal professionals is still growing today. Because of this, a lot of young people nowadays imagine themselves in elite legal careers.
The legal profession is highly regarded for its power and reputation, thus it is not surprising that the legal profession is growing in popularity. The field of legal education has changed significantly over time. Because of this significant shift, specialized integrated courses like BBA LLB came into existence offered by top BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida
Candidates can choose from the list of BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida to pursue this course to grow as professionals. Selecting private BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida will help you acquire a decent job in the corporate world.

BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida: Major Highlights 

Typically, the BBA LLB course is divided into mandatory and elective subjects. The BBALLB curriculum covers ten semesters of topics, with an introduction to both basic management and legal courses serving as a foundation course for the first two years.
Beginning in the third year of the program, students can select their BBA LLB subjects based on their career goals. Industrial training is also offered to enhance the efficiency of the topic delivered. Aspirants will be allowed to choose their subjects according to their areas of interest and specialization at the end of the fifth year.

List of BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida


BA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida

Fee Structure

KCC Institute of Legal and Higher Education, Greater Noida

INR 4.25 lakhs

Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida

INR 12.30 lakhs

Bennett University, Greater Noida

INR 17 Lakhs

Maharaja Agrasen University

INR 7.17 lakhs

Maharaja Surajmal Institute

Not Available

JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus, Greater Noida


School of Law, Galgotias University, Greater Noida

INR 5.50 Lakhs


What is the purpose of a BBA LLB degree?

The Bachelor of Law Honours program is a combined undergraduate program that focuses on the practice of law. As the name suggests, it is actually a study of legal and business subjects. Though most individuals might not know it, legal research and management work hand in hand and make perfect sense. Because of this, experts have designed this course to meet the needs of the current corporate sectors by illustrating the linkages between the legal and economic worlds.
Naturally, the course is offered in ten semesters that span five years. Because the studies are so thorough and academic, some students don't finish the course in the allotted time, and some BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida give them an extra year. It entails studying business and business management concepts as well as having a solid understanding of law and legal matters. It is an integrated program. 

Why is it important to study BBA LLB?

Aspirants who review this curriculum obtain insightful knowledge in both domains. Aspirants possess extensive knowledge of law, administration, and trade as well as business management. The subjects covered in this course include corporate law and corporations. Students will learn about a variety of topics, such as corporate law, contract law, business acquisitions, etc.
Two of the most important reasons for choosing the BBA LLB include:
Broad spectrum: BBA LLB is a reliable and popular course that has been offered for years, and it offers a wide range of professional options worldwide.
Professional advancement: A profession in law or management allows one to build a better future for both the world and oneself. The grads have a variety of options for a prosperous future.

Is BBA LLB a suitable course post-intermediate?

A student's choice of their 12th subject is a crucial thing in their academic career. You need to choose wisely because it determines your future employment and opportunities. Doing such a curriculum is frequently a win-win situation for BBA LLB students.
You can use your experience and knowledge of the curriculum in management disciplines, law, or both to make yourself an even more valuable applicant to employers. Most employers favour those with this dual degree over a plain vanilla LLB.
Second, you can opt to expand your skills in any industry by using the software to keep track of all work opportunities till the very end.
Thirdly, one can become more competitive as a lawyer by studying management, which includes topics like leading with authenticity and ethics, improving interpersonal skills, managing oneself and others, identifying environmental problems, acquiring clients, closing big deals, and more.
A student can also save a year with the aid of this integrated program. A student can finish this course in at least five years if they choose to complete BBA LLB, but if they prefer to complete BBA and LLB, they can finish it in at least six years. One year in the life of a student is too long to waste.

What are the prerequisites for the BBA LLB program?

If you meet the requirements for this course and would like to enrollin BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida with fee structure, please see below. It's crucial to adhere to these prerequisites to be eligible:
The most fundamental qualification for the course can be passing the 10+2 exam along with receiving a minimum of 50%. Aside from that, a reasonable percentage ought to be assigned to the eleventh-standard examination. A grade of at least an A on the leaving certificate is required of applicants. The certificate can be obtained by the student from any recognized Indian board.
Applicants who received their education at home rather than in a traditional classroom are also eligible. Therefore, if you are enrolled in a long-distance or correspondence school and have been confirmed by a recognized board that you passed your 10+2 with flying colours, you are fully qualified.
To be admitted to your preferred BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida, you would have to demonstrate your merit by achieving a high score on the top law entrance exams. The BBA LLB curriculum, which is best suited for an additional five years of study, could consist of many interview rounds.
The Common Law Admission Test, or CLAT, is one of the top exams even though there are a lot of law exams available nowadays. Make sure you don't skip this test because some Government BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida may only accept your scores to evaluate your merit.
Additionally, several private BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida offer a portion of their seats to international students. Therefore, you are invited to learn more about Indian administrative law if you're a foreign resident.
This 20-year upper age limit, which prevents candidates from enrolling in the BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida, solely applies to general candidates. Candidates who fall under the reserved quota, such as SC, ST, and OBC, will be eligible to apply for admission for a further two years, up till the age of 22.
A specific percentage of seats are also set aside for SC, ST, and individuals with disabilities for admission to the top BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida.
General students must obtain a minimum of 45 percent on their 10 + 2 tests to be eligible for admission to BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida with fee structure that accepts the results of top-level entrance exams, according to rules outlined in the Bar Council of India BCI. A minimum of 40 percent is required of applicants who are taking the board of directors examinations.

BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida with Fee Structure

BBA LLB colleges in Greater Noida with fee structure for a total of five years can vary from 4.5 lakhs to a maximum of 10 lakhs. The infrastructure, facilities, and practical sessions needed to finish the course are all included in the fee structure.

Entrance Exams for Admission to BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida

The top entrance exams that you need to appear for to get admission to the top BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noidaare
CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 
SLAT (Symbiosis Law Admission Test)
ULSAT (UPES Legal Studies Aptitude Test)
MHCET Law (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test)
KLEE (Kerala Law Entrance Exam)
LSAT India (Law School Admission Test India)

Required skills for the BBA LLB program 

Candidates for the BBA LLB program should prepare to work longer hours and be willing to read a lot of information. Each course includes a set of abilities that are necessary for a candidate to succeed and are highly significant. Here is a list of essential abilities candidates must have to succeed in the BBA LLB program:
Ability to work extra hours
Good assessment of the situation/people
Work and dedication.
Intellectual process and value in research.
Power to persuade.
Speak clearly
Target oriented.
Capacity to evaluate and assimilate evidence.
Good ability to present.

BBA LLB: Syllabus

Below is a tabular list of subjects that most BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida follow:

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester I

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester II



Law of Torts including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws I

Law of Torts including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws II

Jurisprudence (Legal Method, Indian Legal System, Basic theory of law.)

Managerial Economics

Fundamentals of Business Organization

Principles and Practices of Business Management

Accounting I

Accounting II (Corporate Accounts)

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester III

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester IV

Special Contract

Law of Crimes Paper I: Penal Code

Constitutional Law I

Constitutional Law 2

Family Law I

Family Law 2

Effective Communication Skill

Business and Managerial Communication

Quantitative Techniques

Organizational Behaviour

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester V

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester VI

Law of Crimes Paper II: Criminal Procedure Code I

Law of Crimes Paper III: Criminal Procedure Code II

Property Law

Environmental Law

Company Law I

Company Law II

Administrative Law

Principles of Taxation Law

Corporate Governance and Finance

Human Resources and Total Quality Management

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester VII

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester VIII

Public International Law

Law of Evidence

Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act I

Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act II

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester IX

BBA LLB Subjects: Semester X

Labour and Industrial Law

Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting Systems (Clinical Course III)

Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyance (Clinical Course I)

Moot Court Exercise and Internship (Clinical Course IV)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Clinical Course II)

Projects and Presentation


List of Elective Subjects

Semester V (Choose Any One of the Following)

Semester VI (Choose Any One of the Following)

Sanskrit I

Sanskrit II

German I

German II

French I

French II

Spanish I

Spanish II

Hindi I

Hindi II

Marathi I

Marathi II

Semester VII Part:1 (Choose Any One of the Following)

Semester VIII Part:1 (Choose Any One of the Following)

Merger and Acquisitions

Information Technology Law

General Agreement on Tariff and Trade

International Banking and Finance

Semester VII Part:2 (Choose Any One of the Following)

Semester VIII Part:2 (Choose Any One of the Following)

Banking Law

Trade-in Intellectual Property

Insurance Law

International Trade and Economics

Semester IX (Choose Any One of the Following)

Semester X

Investment Law

No elective Subjects to choose

Trade and Services immigration

No elective Subjects to choose


What Are the Opportunities in India After Earning a BBA/LLB Degree?

Students pursuing BBA LLB programs have a plethora of career opportunities in administration, planning, management, banking, and industry in addition to the legal field and judiciary. One of the many career paths available to BBA LLB students is becoming a business development manager for one of the many national law companies such as Corporate Legal or FortuneLegal. As a legal advisor, you can also work for companies like HCL, Apple, Uber, Ola, 1MG, and others in the legal sector. This specific course will also help you in the following fields: managing human resources for businesses or law firms; probation officer with respectable Indian banks; finance manager/accounting manager, etc.; assistant paralegal on hard work for law firms.
Jobs and Career Prospects in India Following a BBA LLB Degree
The candidates who complete an integrated BBA LLB course have multiple job openings. The following lists some typical career paths that graduates of BBA LLB programs can take:

Job Profile

Job Description


This professional profile requires you to represent and advise clients in civil and criminal litigation. Attorneys participate in their own trials and court hearings.


This professional profile requires you to represent and advise clients in civil and criminal litigation. Attorneys participate in their own trials and court hearings.


In a job profile like this, gathering precise data and tangible proof for a claim requires extensive investigation. Advocates are also responsible for reviewing and drafting contracts, among other things.

Legal Advisor

Candidates seeking to fill such a role are frequently attorneys with specialized knowledge in a particular field of law. Legal consultants are usually employed by large organizations and enterprises as well as by the government. Preventing any legal ramifications or penalties for their clients is a lawyer's main responsibility.

Teacher or Lecturer

Upon completion, candidates can also be qualified to instruct law at the college or university level.


Wrapping Up
Any candidate upon completion of the BBA LLB program mayseek the role of judge or magistrate. There are countless advantages to pursuing a BBA LLB program. The range of profiles you can apply for, the starting pay you can expect to receive from the industry, and the continual improvement of your skills as you move up the hierarchy are all factors. Aspiring BBA/LLB students benefit professionally from this.


This world of interconnected issues and ever-changing financial and economic circumstances creates a perpetual need for trained legal specialists. However, if you take a hard look at the majority of the law programs offered, you will discover that the nation's law schools fall short of meeting the overwhelming need in the nation. There are currently law colleges in the nation that solely offer theoretical instruction to their students, but how beneficial will those programs be if every hour is dedicated to legal research?
KCC Institute of Legal and Higher Education is here to transform the legal and business education systems into something truly revolutionary. It is one of the top BBA LLB Colleges in Greater Noida affiliated with GGSIPU with a Grade “A” Status. 
We have worked tirelessly to build the curriculum and methodology for the BBA LLB course so that we can discuss creativity, innovation, and experiential learning techniques.
Experienced and qualified faculty
Regular interactions with practicing Law professionals
Have mock court sessions to experience hypothetical legal situations.
Soft communication training to enhance drafting and presenting skills.
A state-of-the-art learning experience infrastructure.
Scope for conducting legal studies.
Conferences, workshops, and seminars.
Meritorious undergraduate academic bursaries.
Opportunities to position the curriculum successfully.
The college’s primary objective is to enlighten students about the complicated problems facing modern society and the methods by which they might be resolved.
Each applicant is also inspired and self-assured enough to become a great leader in the future, improving and changing Indian society in the process. 


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