What are the popular B. Com courses?

The B. Com full form isBachelor in Commerce B. Com courses offer the foundational knowledge and skills to studentspursuing a degree program in commerce. It provides a conceptual understanding of various B. Com subjects including business law, accounting, taxation, and economics. Because B. Com courses are so lucrative a career option, even students who chose science in class 12 may decide to switch toa B. Com specialization of their preference. The average B. Com salary ranges from 5 to 12 LPA. The average B. Com fees for various specializations can range from 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh in total.

However, conventional B. Com courses might not be sufficient for a successful career. If you wish to begin working as soon as you graduate, you should begin to consider choosing the best B. Com specialization that matches your career goals. Career after B. Com includes a wide range of jobs in various sectors such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Accounting, Taxation, Wealth Management, Commerce, Education, Government Services, etc. Here is a list of the top B. Com Specializations to help you build a successful and profitable career.

Career after B. Com is much diversifiedand there are countless B. Com jobs because every industry and corporation needs experts who can manage funds and provide profitable investment opportunities.

B. Com specialization in Accounting and Finance

With B. Com specialization in accounting and finance, you will acquire essential practical skills. This B. Com course is ideal for you if you enjoy dealing with numbers and are an excellent accountant. It is important to remember that to be qualified for this B. Com specialization, many prominent B. Com colleges require you to have taken mathematics in your senior year of high school.

The average B. Com fees for specialization in accounting and finance can range from 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh in total.

Crucial Actions to Remember

  • B. Com specialization in Accounting and Financethat takes 3 years to complete.
  • B. Com subjects for the accounting and finance syllabus include Wealth Management, Business Communication, Business Law, Cost Accounting, and International Finance among other topics.
  • To be eligible, you have to have passed the 10+2 exam in any stream.


What Career after B. Com in Accounting and Finance?

Excellent future opportunities are offered to candidates who choose to pursue a B. Com specialization in Accounting and Finance. The following list includes the top B. Com jobs and their associated salary packages.

B. Com Jobs

Average B. Com Salary

Personal Financial Consultant

INR 9,81,600

Financial Analyst

INR 5,85,300

Accounts Manager

INR 2,48,000

Money Manager

INR 7,62,100

Senior Accountant

INR 3,55,600


B. Specialization in Financial Markets

If you are fascinated by thebig, complex stock markets, this could be your field of expertise. In this B. Com course, you will study the working principles of several financial markets. You will learn about SEBI and its regulations related to financial goods such as mutual funds, equities, and bonds. The average B. Com fees for specialization in financial markets can range from 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh in total

Crucial Things to Remember:

  • The undergraduate B. Com specialization in Financial Markets (BFM) program is a three-year course in the commerce stream.
  • Career after B. Com in Financial Markets includes B. Com jobs as an accountant, financial controller, finance manager, or financial advisor in various consultancies.
  • After completing this program, you can go on to earn advanced degrees including Chartered Accountancy, M. Com., and M.B.A.


What B. Com jobs are available in the career after B. Com in the Financial Market?

After passing the B.Com course, a candidate can start working as an accountant. Numerous government and private industries, including public accounting firms, markets research, budget planning, corporations, and consultancies, offer a plethora of job prospects for accountants.

B. Com Jobs

Average B. Com Salary

Financial Controller

INR 3,974,423

Finance Officer

INR 8,48,100

Insurance Manager

INR 7,30,000


INR 1,650,000

Risk Managers

INR 9,92,300


B. Com Specialization in Statistics

Like the first two B. Com specialization, this one requires a broad range of practical skills as well. If you are good with numbers, practical applications, and accounting, this is a great choice for you. This is a slight departure from economics. Between 70 and 80 percent of the course material will involve graphs.

The average B. Com fees for specialization in statistics can range from 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh in total.

Crucial Things to Remember:

  • The B. Com specialization in statistics is an undergraduate degree that lasts three years.
  • In addition to English, you will study a wide range of B. Com subjects including business studies, accounting, and economics.
  • This B. Com fees for specialization in statistics may cost between INR 5000 and 5 LPA.


B. Com jobs in Statistics

B. Com Jobs

B. Com Salary (INR)



Cashier/ Teller







B. Com Specialization in Banking and Insurance

If you're interested in the banking industry, this B. Com specialization is perfect for you. In this course, you will learn about insurance, banking, and other related financial industries. This degree is also known as a B. Comin Banking and Finance at some B. Com colleges. The average B. Com fees for specialization in banking and insurance can range from 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh in total.

Crucial Things to Remember

  • B. Com Specialization in banking and insurance is a three-year undergraduate degree program
  • This course covers a variety of B. Com subjects, including financial management, business communication, mathematical and statistical methods, and environmental education.
  • After completing this degree, you can choose to pursue further education to become a chartered accountant, an M. Com. or an M.B.A., or you can enter the banking, insurance, finance, auditing, or other industry.


What options for a career after B. Com in banking and insurance?

Depending on their level of expertise, students of this B. Com course typically receive salaries ranging from INR 2 to 20 lakhs.

B. Com Jobs

Average B. Com Salary


INR 2,64,000


INR 1,77,000

Insurance Manager

INR 6,13,000

Loan Counsellor

INR 2,02,000

Financial Advisor

INR 4,24,000


B. Com Specialization in Taxation

B. Com course in taxation is a three-year undergraduate degree program.

This course includes several B. Com subjects from bookkeeping standards, monetary arrangements, and monetary hypotheses with a focus on tax assessment—the act of levying taxes on individuals who have "taxable" income.

What options for a career after B. Com in taxation?

A taxation officer in India typically makes between INR 3 and 4 lakhs annually, however, in other nations, the average B. Com salary in taxation is more than $52 thousand.

B. Com Jobs

Annual B. Com Salary

Tax Consultant

INR 2,00,000 to INR 7,00,000


INR 2,00,000 to 4,00,000

Book Keepers

INR 1,00,000 to 3,00,000

Finance Officer

INR 3,00,000 to 10,00,000

B. Com Specialization in Computer Applications

The three-year B. Com specialization in Computer Applications is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the subject of commerce, including the usage of software technology applications.

B. Com subjects including the foundations of commerce, such as accountancy, macroeconomics, computer language fundamentals, and computer applications in business, are taught to students in this B. Com course.

What options for a career after B.Com in Computer Applications?

B. Com Jobs

Average B. Com Salary


INR 4,80,000

Computer Programmer

INR 8,50,000

Business Consultant

INR 9,80,000

Mobile App Developer

INR 5,00,000

Business Analyst

INR 6,50,000


What is the Complete B. Com Eligibility Criterion and Admission Process?




B. Com Accounting and Finance


Counselling after taking an entrance exam

B. Com Investment Management

Pass in class 12 exam with a minimum 45% aggregate


B. Com Economic

10+2 from a recognized board

Merit-based direct admission or institute entrance exam

B. Com Taxation

10+2 with English and Math

Students are admitted based on a merit-based system. Some universities may conduct entrance exams followed by an interview.

B. Com Financial Market

10+2 from a recognized board

Based on performance in the entrance exam

B. Com Banking and Insurance

10+2 with commerce subjects with a minimum of 50%

Based on the interview after the entrance test

B. Com Computer Applications

10+2 with commerce and a minimum of 45%



In summary

We truly hope that this blog has helped you understand the many aspects of these B. Com specialization and has assisted you in choosing the B. Com course that will be most helpful to you. The option for a career after B. Com is vast and will also depend on the course chosen. 


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