Top 10 Unconventional Career Options after Engineering

Top 10 Unconventional Career Options after Engineering

After completing B. Tech from engineering colleges, most graduates have big dreams of working in the lucrative tech sector. They enter the employment market the moment they get a degree only to discover that their knowledge, skills, and attitude are no longer adequate to land a job due to intense competition and unending developments in the tech industry.

It simply indicates that a degree does not automatically grant you the right to a generous salary and a decent job. To overcome this challenge, top engineering colleges in UP act as a recruitment platform for campus placements where both students and employers come together to discuss any possibility of future employment. Engineering colleges like KCC ITM invite top companies to their campus so they can assess students in their final year who wants to enter the professional world immediately after graduating.   

Owing to the rising popularity of campus placements, the best college in Uttar Pradesh for engineering are emphasizing more on placements, internships, and careers after graduation as a tool for attracting potential candidates for B. Tech programs. Engineering colleges with high placement records either in technical and non-technical domains are likely to be the first choice of engineering aspirants.  

Life actually starts after passing out from B.Tech college in UP. While it may seem unfair for engineers to work in a non-tech profile but sometimes the decision is intentional. For some, it is a boon than a bane. But why would someone pursue a non-engineering job after graduating from a top engineering college in UP like KCC ITM? There could be many reasons for that from “Change of Heart” to financial growth and lack of opportunities due to intense competition.  

Why Look for Offbeat Career Options after Engineering?


It is a myth that the only high-paying jobs for engineers are those in the tech industry. The best-paying jobs in India also include a few non-engineering jobs. After passing the 12th board examinations in India, many people believe that if they don't get admitted to top engineering colleges in UP, they might end up doing non-technical occupations that aren't as lucrative as IT ones.

We have listed the top 10 non-engineering jobs in India by pay. This list has been updated, and no matter where you are in your career—beginner, entry-level, or medium-level—it will assist you to choose your next step. Professionals in fields like management, product design, and marketing are in high demand. As per the latest findings of Glassdoor, close to half of the job vacancies are from the non-technical sector in areas like marketing, product design, and management. Many of them offer attractive pay to skilled engineers. One sector that is rampant with non-engineering jobs for engineers is IT. There are plenty of jobs for engineers in the IT sector from IT Managers, IT Technicians, Network Administrators, Database Administrators, System Analysts, etc.

In addition, engineers are destined to be leaders of high caliber and many non-tech companies seek to put their skills to their own advantage. As they are well-versed in problem-solving and known for their precision work, engineers are said to be the born-leaders. On the other hand, unemployed engineers can gain experience by working in a non-tech profile while keep working on finding their dream job someday.

Following is a list of unconventional job options for engineers

  • Business Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Advertising and Media Professionals
  • Graphic Designer
  • Technical Writer
  • Content Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • IT Manager
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Business Analyst

A business analyst evaluates the business model, systems, and procedures to determine how well the organization integrates technology. Developing the finest solutions to meet the needs of the business in terms of technology and human investments is the focus of this profession.

Graduates from top engineering colleges in UP can apply for this job at any point in time.


  • Determining sales trends
  • To evaluate market competitiveness
  • To communicate with clients and customers
  • To fully comprehend user requirements and preferences
  • To deliver individualized service
  • To increase operational effectiveness for better performance and outcome


The average salary of a Business Analyst in India is INR 600,000 per annum

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts construct and shape the plans to advertise and market the goods and services of a firm, making them one of the highest-paying non-engineering jobs in India. They have the option of working full-time as independent consultants or on a contract basis as a member of the marketing teams. Many B.Tech colleges in UP offer placements in this profile with a good salary package.  


  • Analyze the various data collection techniques, such as surveys, polls, and questionnaires.
  • Interpreting data, conducting statistical analysis, and compiling the results into tables and reports
  • Present research findings through graphs, charts, and other visual tools.
  • Aid customers and executives in making wise choices regarding the launch, modification, and marketing of products
  • To demonstrate the future of particular product offers, visualize industry trends, and carry out a competitive study.
  • Analyze the success of marketing initiatives and campaigns


 The average salary of a market research analyst in India is INR 4,50,000.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Your responsibility as a digital marketing strategist is to align business goals with effective online marketing channels and platforms. Being a digital marketer, one of the top-paying non-engineering careers in India, requires a solid working knowledge of the internet and social media platforms as well as a foundational understanding of marketing theories and content management.


  • Make a workable plan to introduce a good or service to the market.
  • Create a comprehensive content plan to get the intended results.
  • Run SEO strategies to expand the exposure and reach of brands
  • Manage PPC, AdWords, and inbound marketing procedures.
  • Examine the outcomes of the digital marketing efforts on each platform.
  • Review the strategic objectives' alignment with the digital marketing mix strategy on a regular basis.


In India, a digital marketing strategist makes an average salary of INR 724,138.

Social Media Manager

Marketing professionals may reach customers on the worldwide market affordably thanks to social media. There are already more than 326 million active social media users in India alone. This job entails adjusting the marketing plan and content to each social media channel's setting (for example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.).

This is an ideal job for candidates passing out from the Best colleges in Uttar Pradesh for engineering.


  • Develop, implement, and manage an organization's social media strategy
  • Work with copywriters and designers to maintain the quality of social media postings by defining social media KPIs and managing content.
  • Keep up with the newest trends and best practices in social media technologies.
  • Analyze the results of social media efforts and offer suggestions to improve the approach.
  • Make a case for the inclusion of social media marketing in the advertising budgets by presenting the findings to senior leadership.


In India, a social media manager makes an average salary of INR 444, 137 per annum.

Business Development Manager

Business developers serve as a company's primary point of contact with both current and potential customers. They spread knowledge about the company's products and secure new business, resulting in remarkably high incentives.


  • To find potential customers
  • To introduce prospective customers to product and service offers
  • To keep positive working relationships with clients
  • Control marketing materials and create reports
  • To give feedback to senior officials of the company


Entry level salary – INR 35000 per month

Experienced level – INR 100000 per month

Advertising and Media Professionals

Although competitive, the media and advertising sectors can be quite lucrative. The initial yearly salary for professionals in this industry is approximately INR 420,000, and it rises in accordance with education, experience, and expertise.

Students pursuing a degree from B.Tech college in UP are in hi-demand for this job profile.


  • Create marketing strategies to reach the desired demographics.
  • Market research, data collection, and insightful conclusions
  • Create advertisements for print, video, and internet media as needed.
  • Select a medium to spread the advertising campaigns
  • Keep a positive relationship with the media
  • To determine an idea's effectiveness, put it to the test and keep evaluating it.


Graphic Designer

A creative career path that is accessible to those in non-tech areas is graphic design. Conveying ideas and appealing to the target audience, requires a blend of text, images, and visual concepts.


  • To provide the general designs and templates for outreach and communication materials
  • To create and print brochures, magazines, company reports, ads, etc.


In India, a graphic designer makes an average salary of INR 600, 445 per annum.

Technical Writer

Technical writing entails gathering, documenting, and disseminating content to clients, designers, and manufacturers. It is one of the highest-paying non-engineering careers in India. This non-tech career is one that those with backgrounds in engineering, computer science, and information technology may want to consider.


  • Break down difficult content into simple information
  • Publish white papers, journal articles, how-to guides, and reference materials.
  • Create technical reports to inform senior-level executives.



In India, a technical content writer makes an average salary of INR 750, 000 per annum.

Content Manager

Content managers are responsible for overseeing online multimedia content strategy in contemporary workplaces. Content marketing is regarded as one of the finest strategies for building brand awareness by the majority of IT companies. They collaborate closely with a group of writers, editors, graphic designers, and video editors, both technical and non-technical, to create the most effective content that is SEO optimized and reaches the intended audience.


  • Organize content teams and oversee individual copywriters' work
  • Enlarge and involve a brand's online community
  • Monitor community activity and content plans' implementation



The average content manager pay in India is INR 509,938 per annum.

Quality Assurance Manager

QA analysts and managers make sure that before items are released onto the market, they adhere to both internal and external standards. A key component of both brand management and customer happiness is quality management.


  • Create standards for quality control.
  • Direct the quality assurance staff.
  • Inform the product manager of any potential problems.
  • Examine quality assurance reports
  • Look for ways to increase efficiency



The average salary of a QA analyst and manager is INR 115,423 per annum

IT Manager

Most often IT managers and executives coordinate, plan, and direct computer-related operations within an IT company. They play a role in identifying an organization's IT requirements and are in charge of putting computer systems in place to meet those requirements.


  • Control computer and information systems.
  • Organize, plan, manage, and assess IT and electronic data activities.
  • Manage the IT personnel by hiring, developing, and coaching staff members, outlining job objectives, and evaluating their work.


The average salary of an IT manager in India is INR 856,115 per annum.

Top IT Companies in Uttar Pradesh

  • Accel
  • Infosys
  • Cosmoinfosolutions
  • Rubix Technologies
  • Virtual employee
  • Dotcom Creation
  • Sigma IT Software Company
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Crestech Software Systems
  • Zoneone ventures PVT. LTD.
  • 99appdev Technologies
  • Algowith Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gensofts Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.


In a nutshell

In summary, there are numerous career alternatives outside of conventional positions like content writers, digital marketers, or data scientists available in the non-tech sector. This post focused on offering a thorough overview of unconventional jobs for engineers. We also provided an overview of the ideal qualities and qualifications that hiring managers usually seek in a candidate.

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FAQs for Top 10 Unconventional Career Options after Engineering



Due to the rising demands for technical solutions and innovative ideas, technical writers are in demand to deliver content for senior executives.


They can work as a marketing strategist, content writer, digital marketing expert, social media manager, and more.


Most of the time the choice is personal. However, there are plenty of reasons that compel engineers to non-tech jobs such as financial instability, intense competition, low salary, or lack of opportunities.


Graphic designers are tasked to fuse technology with art to produce impactful creatives for marketing purposes such as brochures, online banners, and more.

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