Why Engineering is Best Career to Pursue in 2024?

Why Engineering is Best Career to Pursue in 2024?

The profession of engineering has long been a driving force behind the technological superiority of India and private engineering colleges in Delhi are accelerating this process by promoting it as the best career option after 12th standard. The year 2024 is no exception. In fact, it is expected to grow by 18% percent in the next couple of years.

Engineering, along with the medical stream, is the first career choice for the majority of Indian parents and kids alike. Engineering is reputed to have one of the most rigorous entrance tests. The main reason for this is the long-term value and advantages of a career in engineering, as engineers are known to have successful careers with high wages and a lot of reputation. Engineering colleges in Delhi NCR alone annually register hundreds of thousands of students for admission in different branches of engineering on the basis of their merits and performances in entrance exams.

Top CSE colleges in Delhi NCR are planning to increase the seats and incorporate new curricula and technologies that is at par with international standards to prepare students for competition with foreign universities. These include Data Science, AI, and ML, Robotics, Automation, Digital twins, 3D printing, cloud computing, etc. The future looks bright for those entering the field in 2024-25. Before we delve into details, here are a few things you should keep in mind.   

There are several pros and cons to choosing engineering as a career, some of which are as follows:


  • The high degree of value and decent salary
  • Engineering has a wide range of specialties from which one might select.
  • Engineers have an advantage over students in other professions if they subsequently decide to change careers or pursue an MBA since their skill set and the hard effort they put in are well-recognized.


  • There is competition because many students desire to be engineers.
  • Not everyone enjoys the benefits of studying engineering as a major. 


Why Choose Engineering?

Though the early years of studying in engineering colleges in Delhi NCR are thought to be difficult due to the lack of the latest technologies and the Internet, but this is no longer the era of 90s. Becoming an engineer is a tough nut to crack but the struggle is said to be worthwhile because it not only prepares one for a wonderful career in engineering but also aid in developing into a good and strong person in this challenging world while also acquiring a variety of skill sets.

Engineering has recently provided eager students with a ray of hope as a reliable career option. It's a fantastic method to expand technically and future-proof your profession.

Specializations in engineering have always been safe bets, especially computer science and its sub-specializations. However, with each passing academic year, cutting-edge technologies like Data Science, automation, nanotechnology and genetic engineering are rising to prominence. If you choose engineering in 2024-25, it will open a gateway for you that leads to a plethora of career options.

Let’s understand in detail why choose engineering in 2024:

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The Technical Skills and Knowledge You Gain is Unparalleled

Every course you take while pursuing a degree from engineering colleges in Delhi NCR will relate to technical applications in some way. There is no substitute for the time spent participating in the course's numerous workshops and engineering labs. It's what sets you apart from the countless folks choosing to pursue a B.Sc. in the same field. In case you're wondering, why put yourself through a grueling 4-year process beginning in 2024 to obtain a degree, it pays off big time in the end. By the time you finish your study, the average salary of an engineer is expected to grow by 25%.  

A Versatile Launchpad for a Bright Future

There is no doubt that one of the most solid ways to launch your career is by joining BTech CSE colleges in Delhi NCR. Once you're working in CSE field, you see how closely related many of the specializations are including data science, AL and ML, IoT, cloud computing, and more. For instance, selecting a CSE specialization also opens the door for you to pursue higher education courses like M. Tech in Data Science or AI.

In comparison to other fields in the same league, this career freedom is unparalleled. There is no longer any reason to question why engineering CSE is a good career choice if you want to develop futuristic skills to ensure job security and keep your options open.

Job Security for Financial Freedom

The job market has always had a strong demand for engineers. It has persevered through both economic booms and busts to establish itself as a solid professional option. Engineering is still one of the most well-regarded professions, valued highly by businesses all around the world. Any agency that hires you will benefit from your technical knowledge, which will help you keep your position once you get it.

International Scope

International reach is unavoidable in a discipline as all-encompassing as engineering. The best private engineering college in Delhi, like KCC Institute of Technology and Management, is at par with international standards, giving ambitious engineers' resumes a boost. This increase enables them to take advantage of work opportunities abroad.

The Business Perspective

Many engineering graduates choose to pursue an MBA as soon as they graduate from best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR. Why even pursue engineering if you plan to start your own business? One benefit of engineering degrees is that they provide a clear understanding of important business-related topics. It helps one understand the urgent needs in a certain specialty and deals with them from a business perspective. For instance, surveying—which determines if the site is suitable for construction—represents a significant portion of the civil engineering curriculum.

Further Study Abroad

There is more to engineering than merely the possibility of rewarding employment after completing your undergraduate studies from top private engineering college in Delhi. With postgraduate and doctoral degrees, the opportunity to further advance one's skills is always present. Standing out from the crowd is practically a requirement for more successful employment in engineering in 2024 because competition in these industries can be quite fierce. Numerous opportunities for becoming an expert in your chosen profession are made available by higher education in engineering offered by Institutes like KCC ITM.

Placement Opportunities

When you leave an engineering college in Delhi NCR, you are not left on your own. The majority of top-tier private engineering colleges in Delhi provide excellent placement prospects in the last year of the program. You'll gain access to interviews with businesses like Google and Amazon. Why go for campus placements instead of others? The advantages continue beyond the placement training. Additionally, you have access to excellent testimonials and references from knowledgeable professors.

Career Prospects for Computer Science Students in 2024-25

Up to 97 percent of engineers seeking employment after passing out from top CSE colleges in Delhi NCR prefer to work in Data Science, Automation or Internet of Things, according to a research by Aspiring Minds, a New Delhi-based provider of employment solutions.

According to the same study's conclusions, just 3% of graduates from top Btech CSE colleges in Greater Noida have the necessary skills to get employment in the industry 4.0, and only 7% are capable of doing fundamental engineering jobs. As one of the industries that absorbs the most talent in our nation, computer science employment prospects require a great deal of practical skills that most private engineering colleges in Delhi are focusing upon.

The days of computer science jobs being centered on “programming skills” are long gone. The majority of jobs in 2024-25 will be centered on “Data and Automation” fields. This will be the de facto option for the majority of students eyeing to build a career in engineering. If you seek a career that is all about breakthroughs in technology, this is it.

Some of the most alluring job profiles in latest engineering trends are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Big Data analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence engineer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Network Engineer
  • Machine Learning engineer
  • Robotics engineer


Why KCC Institute of Technology and Management?

Building a career in engineering requires years of grooming by skilled professors and a sound atmosphere equipped with latest technologies and laboratories to impart practical skills which is present at top private engineering colleges in Delhi. KCC Institute of Technology and Management is one of the best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR that inherits all the above qualities and more, to help students build the skills necessary for a successful engineering profession.

Conclusion: Engineering Careers for Excellence

Every engineering graduate will frequently remark that engineering is more than simply a degree; it's a way of life. This is also true of KCC ITM, which develops engineering students into tomorrow's change agents. Get in touch with our administrative office to learn more about KCC ITM if you're still unsure of why engineering is a good career choice.

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Engineering careers are available in more modern sectors like nanotechnology, genetic engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of Things, etc. 


There are numerous benefits to choosing engineering as a profession. It provides you with highly technical knowledge and a flexible launching pad for a prosperous career.


The top 3 engineering specialties with the greatest earnings are computer science, mechanical, and civil engineering. However, if you earn your degree from a reputable college like KCC ITM, you can experience consistent and upward career growth in any industry.


Followings are the crucial aspects you should look for while selecting top CSE College in Greater Noida:

  • Infrastructure
  • Laboratory
  • Curriculum
  • Awards and Achievements
  • Faculty
  • Placement
  • Internship
  • Fees
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Auditorium

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