Moot Courtroom

Moot courtrooms are rare in many private colleges despite their rising demand to facilitate practical learning for students pursuing law programs. Keeping that in mind, KCC ILHE has incorporated an air-conditioned, state-of-the-art spacious moot courtroom with a seating capacity of 200, at par with global standards. The interior of the moot courtroom replicates the precise look and feel of actual court in every aspect to create a perfect ambiance for a range of moot courts.

Equipped with fully-furnished furniture comprising all the elements of a real courtroom: Attorney table, Bailiff’s station, clerk’s station, judge’s bench, jury box, Spectator seating, Witness box, judge table, witness stand, and more. From mics with speakers to a centralized audio-video control system for recording purposes, we have integrated cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the learning process.

Our moot courtroom serves as an ideal platform to host interschool mooting competitions, facilitate debate events and award ceremonies for students who perform best. The chamber is sound-resistant and stocked up with law books, research papers, to conduct moot courts without much hassle.

Why Moot Court is important?

Moot court is a simulated courtroom practice for the purpose of practical learning where two students dressed like the councilors play the roles of prosecutor and defendant on the basis of evidence and argue with each other to prove their point before a panel of judges. The judges could be teachers or a group of legal experts who will then pass the judgment in the same regard and will also declare the winner who performed the best.

Moot courts give students a chance to demonstrate their debate, critical-thinking and pressure-handling skills with the confidence of a professional. At KCC ILHE, we stage moot court competitions to see how effectively our students can fight an argument based on law.