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29 June, 2022
Grand Alumni Meet 2022

The memories of college days are bound to resurface in your mind whenever you feel a vacuum in your heart at the end of a busy day. The everlasting ties we form when we are young may lose shine in time as we grow old, but it is always there. "Waiting to be rekindled with a pat on the shoulder". So it’s great to be in touch with the place where you laid the foundation of your most treasured memories and regroup with old pals. An Alumni Meet is just the opportunity.

With great pleasure, we wholeheartedly invite you to the Grand Alumni Meet on 2 July 2022 where we shall relive the golden days. We have the impression that you might be too busy in your life but make an effort to spare a few hours for the sake of old times. It will lighten up your mood and give you a chance to share your after-college endeavors. Such events are not just for friends getting together but can serve as a ground for new partnerships, future-Investments, job opportunities, and so on. It could be the beginning of a new friendship.

Don’t miss the chance to carve out a piece of happiness for yourself. Come to Alumni Meet at Indian Habitat Centre and meet up with old memories that are perched right you left them.

Grand Alumni Meet 2022
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