BBA Course Syllabus

Before giving you a list of the BBA Syllabus, let's first go over how this undergraduate degree is organized. Six semesters make up the Bachelor of Business Administration program, which typically leads to a three-year bachelor's degree and aims to teach students about the inner workings of an organization, various aspects of management, and how businesses operate. The following table explains how a variety of BBA subjects are categorized in accordance with the ideas of foundation, core, electives, and skills.

BBA Syllabus: Highlight


BBA Syllabus

BBA Course Description

BBA Subjects


This course's goal is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the fundamental BBA disciplines.                         

   Microeconomics, Sociology, Business Mathematics,Business Analytics, Business Economics, and Psychology


To aid students in their comprehension of both the components that make up the corporate and commercial sectors as well as the principles of business and management.

Business law, Leadership and Ethics, Operational Management, MIS/System Design, Essentials of Marketing, Environmental Studies, Strategy, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Understanding Industry and Markets, Business Organization, Operational Management,Principles of Managementand International Business Management.

Elective Subjects

To provide students a range of business administration-related specialties and let them focus on their area of interest

Marketing and Operational Research, Digital Marketing, Managing Family Business, Managing Family Business, Commercial Bank Management, Manufacture Planning & Control, Retail Management, Security Analysis, Industrial Relation and LabourLegislation, Using Spreadsheets, Financial & Commodity Derivations, E-Commerce,etc.


To equip students with the core skills and information required to thrive in a business environment.

Personality Development, Etiquette and Conversational Skills, Negotiating and Persuading Skills,Conflict Resolution, Selling, Career Skills, Problem Solving & Consulting Skills,Writing Skills, and Communication Skills.


The following list contains the subjects that are covered in the top BBA/MBA colleges' and universities' BBA Syllabus.

·        Economics

·        Financial Management

·        Marketing Management

·        Accounts Management

·        Principles and Practices in Management

·        Taxation in Business

·        MIS: Management Information System

·        HRM: Human  Resource Management

·        Entrepreneurship

·        Business Communication Management

·        IB: International Business Management

·        Operations Management


BBA Syllabus and Subject List 2023


Here is a list of some of the well-known BBA subjects that are frequently addressed in this course now that you are aware of the degree program's structure:

·         Human Resource Management

·         Business Economics

·         Essentials and Principal of Management

·         Statistics

·         Management Accounting

·         Marketing Management

·         Security Analysis

·         Business Mathematics

·         Accounting- Management and Financial

·         Corporate Planning

·         International Marketing

·         Product and Material Management

·         Operations Research

·         Organizational Behavior

·         International Marketing

·         Industrial Relations

·         Business Finance

·         Personnel management

·         Environmental Management

·         Sales and Distribution

·         Strategic Management


BBA Syllabus 2023


To help students comprehend BBA General Subjects, we have included the semester-by-semester themes of the BBA syllabus below.

BBA General Subjects 2023

BBA Syllabus 1st Year

BBA Subjects List: 1st Semester

·         Microeconomics

·         Financial Accounting

·         Quantitative Techniques - I

·         India Socio-Political Economics

·         Principles of Management

·         Essentials of IT

BBA Subjects List: 2nd Semester

·         Cost Accounting

·         Environmental Management

·         Quantitative Techniques - II

·         Effective Communications

·         Principles of Marketing

·         Macroeconomics

BBA Subjects 2nd Year

BBA Subjects List: 3rd Semester

·         Direct Tax & Indirect Tax

·         Banking & Insurance

·         Indian Economics in Global Scenario

·         Consumer Behavior

·         Operations Research

·         Human Resource Management

BBA Subjects List: 4th Semester

·         Business Law

·         Business Analytics

·         Financial Marketing

·         Management Accounting

·         Customer Relationship Management

·         Human Behavior & Ethics at Workplace

BBA Syllabus: 3rd Year

BBA subjects List: 5th Semester

·         Research Methodology

·         Financial Statement Analysis

·         Strategic Management

·         Finance Electives

·         Advanced Financial Management

BBA Subjects List: 6th Semester

·         Finance Electives

·         Entrepreneurship & Business Plan

·         International Business and EXIM

·         Operations and Supply Chain Management

·         Marketing Electives


List of Compulsory subjects available for the BBA Syllabus:


Here are the mandatory subjects students will learn in the BBA syllabus.

·         Financial Accounting

·         Management Accounting

·         Human Resource Management

·         Business Law

·         Business Environment

·         Financial Management

·         Direct and Indirect Taxes

·         Market Research

·         Business Strategies

·         Family Business Management

·         Computer Applications


BBA Syllabus as per the specializations 



BBA Syllabus

BBA Syllabus in Information Technology

Programming Languages 

Business Management and IT

Web Designing and Development

Business Ethics and Communication

Computer Networks

Software Development

Network Security

BBA Syllabus in Marketing

Market Research and Analysis

Retail Marketing

Supply Chain Management

Financial Accounting

Product and Brand Management

Customer Relationship

Understanding Consumer Behavior

BBA Syllabus in Finance

Business Communication

Corporate and Banking Laws

International Banking

Financial Risk Management

Resource Mobilization

Managerial Economics

BBA Syllabus in Event Management

Public Relations

Event Advertisement and Promotion

Brand and Media Management

Communication Skills

Hospitality and Tourism

Event Planning Processes 

BBA LLB Syllabus


Family Law

Business Organization

Environmental Law

Intellectual Property

Corporate Governance


Accounting and Finance

Merger and Acquisitions

BBA Syllabus in Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Fundamentals of Python 

Cognitive Psychology

Operations Management

Principles and Applications of AI

Business Analytics 

Blockchain Fundamentals



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