Career after BBA

Students who have finished grade 12 can enroll in a three-year undergraduate program called the Bachelor in Business Application, or BBA. The 3-year BBA program prepares candidates to be a professional in a wide range of careers and higher education programs in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Data Science, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource Management, and so on by providing them with knowledge across a variety of business topics in the BBA subject course outline. 
Any student who wants to pursue a career in business management, regardless of whether they choose science or commerce as their pre-degree major, can enroll in the BBA undergraduate program.

What to do following a BBA?

There are limitless possibilities in India for BBA graduates. If you want to continue your education, you can pursue a Master's Degree in Finance, Data Science, Design, Photography, or Blockchain, to name a few options. 
Given the employment options, the Executive PG Program in Management is the most popular choice. This master's program in business exposes you to a variety of business disciplines, including marketing, operations, human resources, and finance. 
Undergraduates interested in a career after BBA in finance can consider enrolling in the MSC Finance program. 
MSC Data Science: Unlike other courses, an MSC in Data Science does not require any prior experience with or knowledge of the field. A bachelor's degree in any subject is all that is required to qualify. 
Ideally, students without an undergraduate degree can still enroll in courses like the MA in Photography and Design. You do not need to have any prior knowledge, though, if you plan to follow the course after earning a BBA. 
Master in Block Chain is a course that teaches students critical ideas in business, law, and information technology.  

Career after BBA in Finance – Financial services and Investmentsand Banking

Entry level opportunities 
Bank Branch Manager 
Commercial Lender 
Financial Analyst
Financial Planner 
Financial Manager 
Portfolio Manager 
Security Analyst
Trust Manager 

Career after BBA in Marketing –Sales and Advertising 

Entry level opportunities 
Marketing Executive 
Sales Executive 
Advertising Executive 
Market Research Analyst 

Career after BBA in Human Resources – Staffing, Recruitment, and Payroll 

Entry Level opportunity 
HR Assistant 
HR Coordinator 
HR Specialist 
HR Recruiter 

Career after BBA in Operations –Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management 

Entry Level opportunity 
Logistics Executive 
Operations Executive 
Procurement Executive 
Project Management Executive 
Supply Chain Executive
An undergraduate with a BBA who wants to work in data science can anticipate finding entry-level positions in the following fields. 
Career after BBA in Data Science 
Data Scientist Executive 
Data Analyst Executive
Data Engineer Executive
Data Architect Executive
If you're interested in a career in photography, videography, or design, you should join as an intern and work your way up to a junior-level position as a graphic or visual artist. The career path for a photographer and a filmmaker is essentially the same. 

Career after BBA in Digital Marketing 

An aspirant to the profession of digital marketing has a rather simple career path. He or she enters the field first as a marketing executive and, with the passage of time, develops into a digital marketing manager.
Entry Level 
SEO Executive 
SMO Executive 
Digital Marketing Executive 
SMM Executive

Career after BBA in Blockchain

Prototypes, proof of concepts, and solutions based on Blockchain technology will be worked on by a Blockchain executive. 
Entry Level 
Junior Blockchain Developer 
Blockchain solution Architect Executive 
Blockchain UX Design Executive 
Blockchain Quality Engineer
In addition to the list provided above, there are several job paths one can choose after earning a BBA, including those in the fields of hotel management, sports, and charter accounting. You can take tests like those for the UPSC, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL Exam, IBPS Clerk, and RBI Grade B if you are serious about pursuing a career in government. 
In addition, job fields like product management, project management, foreign exchange, economics, actuarial science, trading, real estate, and entrepreneurship have been more popular in recent years.  

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